“The World Left Him Behind, And He Doesn’t Have A Phone,” Lucky Udu Reveals As He Reached Out To Sky B, Calls For Help

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Media personality Lucky Udu recently drew the attention of Nigerians to the veteran actor Sky B, whose career went south.

Sky B, who is known for his hit track ‘Ma Bebe’ which rocked in the mid-2000s, is said to be struggling with life as he lives in a self-contained apartment with his wife and five children.

Lucky Udu appeared to netizens to help Sky B revive his career, as he has a lot of good songs.

Udu also disclosed that Sky B didn’t even have a phone, and he got a smartphone for him to help him keep up with social media trends.

A longer interview with the musician was also promised.

He wrote, “How many of you remember this musician? 

Wait till you hear the reason he sang those songs, I almost cried. He lost the love of his life actually.

Sky B doesn’t have access to his songs anymore. He went viral and a record label signed him and later abandoned him. He has never received any royalties from his music.

The world left him behind, he has five kids now and they all stay in a self contained apartment (one room, kitchen and toilet). Life is really difficult for him right now and he’s asking God to help him get a talent manager or a feature from any artist to bring him back. He has lots of songs (interesting ones actually). Interview drops tomorrow morning.

Pls let’s share and help him bounce back. He doesn’t have a phone and has not been on the internet. I’m getting him a phone today and I’ll tag him in the next video. Honestly people are going through hell. I’m still committed to traveling the states of Nigeria telling the stories of underrepresented people, people who are doing impressive things but are going unnoticed, talented people and inspiring story. 

Just got him the phone (169k) In a couple of minutes, I’ll tag his social media accounts. They’re trying to retrieve it for him. Apparently I left PortHacourt to Lagos this morning after filming him. I have another story to cover here.”

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