Is Virginity The Ultimate Prize? Nigerian Lady Publicly Celebrates Giving Husband Her Virginity

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What is the ultimate prize for those who love us? These things vary and should be respected. Provided someone is not harmed, anyone is free to celebrate their wins in the journey of love.

This is why the trending “virginity” issue shouldn’t even trend.

A few days ago, a lady identified as Ihechi Ebe on Facebook, disclosed how she was castigated by most of the men she refused to have sex with. Being one of a certain moral pedigree, she had assured herself that her virginity would be the ultimate gift to her future husband. After fulfilling her heart desires, she made this post while showing pictures of a bed stained with blood:

“Yes, I have given it to the only man who deserved and worked for it. Although very painful, but I am fulfilled because it was my sole desire to do this after marriage.

My husband didn’t marry me on a platter of gold, neither did I. We went through a whole lots of challenges which would make 99.9% of men end the relationship, but he never did. He would have said, this girl isn’t satisfying my sexual urge, let me push her away, let me go into other women, but he never did such.

One Prince of Delta State said it plain to me that he will never get married to me unless he tastes what he is going into. To me, he was very senseless at that point irrespective of his riches. I let him and his riches go to hell.

And for you who doubted my virginity and needed a confirmation first before you believe, na mumu dey worry you, a real man believed it without attempting to confirm it and he patiently waited for four years, now, he has got it in its fullness. Ntorrrrrrr.

Ohhhh, I fought, I fought so hard to keep my vow to God, and I am so fulfilled having succeeded and I thank God for the man I call husband. Four years of patiently waiting isn’t moi moi”.

She went on and on, in what was a very long read, after which she ended with this:

“Honeym, may heavens honour you, may heavens lift you, may heavens prosper you. For this singular act of yours, fulfilling your promises, you shall never know downfall. The God I serve shall keep you above your equals. The love we found in each other will never die. Our home is blessed. God’s favour and blessings will remain ours.

Amen. I love you honeym. I don’t care about haters.”

This attracted a lot of disheartening comments from certain individuals who felt she was splashing her virginity on their faces, while others are of the opinion that this wouldn’t stop infidelity in the future or marriage breakup.

Are people meant to be angry?

If liberals could advertise their nudity and even ascribe it as an “art,” why is it wrong for someone to celebrate their virginity?

Conservatives have a right to also celebrate what they wish to celebrate.

What is good for the goose, should also be good for the gander or what do you think?

Written by: Edward Amah

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