“There’s nothing wrong with the Sex I had with Boma in the Big Brother House,” Tega Reveals

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The Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show is coming to an end this weekend, and of course, things were learnt in this season. From the evicted housemates to the ones still in the game, we’re always presented with choices in certain issues.

Some weeks ago, a Big Brother Naija housemate, Tega was evicted from the live show. Prior to her leaving the screen, a lot was said about her affair with another housemate, by the name of Boma. Why was their affair an issue? Because she was already married, and Nigerians considered it morally wrong for her to disrespect her husband on National TV.

Recently, she lashed at those still talking about her supposed ugly deeds in the show. According to her, people “reason with their eyes and not their head.” For whatever point she was trying to prove, her words, to me, seemed to be expressions from someone who cared less about what anyone thinks. 

Below were her exact words:

“When people tell me I had sex in the house, I’m like wow, for any reason that show is rated 18. Maybe it should be rated 41, because some people think with their eyes and not their head.”

You’ll understand that this comes from no place of remorse, obviously because, the husband is possibly okay with it – he endorsed it.

The major thing that statement explained was this:

“There’s nothing wrong with the sex I had with Boma in the Big Brother House!”

And with this, I would advise people to mind their business over her issue. It’s obvious they’re possibly not a morally sound couple, or the husband has found a way to get over the pains.

That is, if he had any pain at all.

Recently, the husband was spotted in a friendly meeting with Boma, who had slept with his wife in the show.

Maybe the assumptions of certain viewers are nothing far from right. Maybe her infidelity stunt was planned with her husband in order to continuously get everyone talking about them. 

They seem like a couple who are so eager to be famous by any means necessary, and from where I’m seated, it seems their script is going well.

After all, some persons agree that there’s nothing like bad publicity – Nigerians are already projecting them to be people of importance.

And this, could bring them the money that comes with fame, regardless of how their names got into people’s lips!

Written by: Edward Amah

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