John Dumelo Says His Mother Wanted Him to be a Catholic Priest

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Award-winning Ghanian actor John Dumelo has revealed the surprising career decision his mother wanted him to take prior to becoming an actor.

Before he was a movie star, John Dumelo’s mother wanted him to become a priest.

The actor turned politician made this known during a a recent interview on YMF with host, Rev. Erskine.

While speaking at the show, Dumelo revealed that he could have been chaperoning a church parish as a priest if all had gone according to his mother’s plan.

Before he was a movie star, John Dumelo says his mother wanted him to become a priest.

According to him, he was once a mass server in the Catholic Church and his mother expected him to continue on the religious path until he become a priest.

I used to serve mass and at a point, I think my mother even wanted me to be a Reverend Father but that calling, I beat am. When you serve mass well, they’ll probably tell you to go to Pope John Senior High School and continue to the seminary and so on but nah,” he said.

He also went on to talk about a host of other things during the interview, including his career and motivation behind his venture into politics. For Dumelo, acting job wasn’t the best earner, but it gave him a good life and vacations to wherever he wanted. While the political arena is another avenue to serve.

“Making money isn’t the reason for getting into politics. The demands are even higher than what you’d make as an MP. It’s not an avenue to make money it’s an avenue to serve the people,” he added.

John Dumelo

Contrary to his mother’s expectation,  John Dumelo would go on to become an established actor, politician, husband and father. But never a priest.

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