Korra Obidi’s Ex-husband Tries To SABOTAGE Police Investigation By Bringing Up Their Divorce AGAIN?

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Korra Obidi’s ex-husband has opened a new can of worms by going all Reesa Teesa on his ex-wife in a series about their marriage two years after the divorce. It looks like Korra, who is not nursing a newborn baby, is finally ready to face him too.

After dropping this video and a WhatsApp receipt claiming that his ex-wife, while married, slept with another man during a visit to Nigeria five months pregnant, the claim went viral.

While some people expressed shock, others argued about the authenticity of the chat. On fan wrote; “I knew the text was doctored when it Mentioned Justin unborn baby…thats a tactics for a 3rd party to know whom they were referring to….two lovers don’t communicate like that….unfortunately your married a Narcissist.”

This forced the singing and dancing princess, who recently suffered an attack during her visit to London, to come and clear her name and say her truth for the second time. Why is Justin Dean telling his story again? Is he trying to steer the UK police investigation in a different direction while the investigation is still ongoing?

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