Solomon Buchi Mocks Justin Dean Following His Distress Over His 4-Year-old Daughter Allegedly Twerking Like Her Mother

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Social media influencer Solomon Buchi has tackled Justin Dean, the ex-husband of dancer Korra Obidi, for lamenting over his daughter’s twerking.

Hours ago, Justin Dean took to Facebook to reveal surprising facts about his daughter, June. He revealed that his 4-year-old daughter was twerking at him and thought it was cute.

He further questioned his followers about whether this was women supporting women. He went on to state that innocent children should be protected.

Reacting to it, Solomon Buchi questioned why he married a woman who twerks 24/7.

He noted how men sometimes marry just to explore and be adventurous, without considering that their wives will also be the mothers of their kids.

He further noted how men want to marry a baddie but don’t want a baddie’s daughter. He made him aware that most baddies beget baddie daughters.

Solomon admonishes his gender that when choosing a wife, they should remember that they’re also choosing the mother of their children, and if they can’t handle the reality of having daughters like their wives, then the woman is the wrong partner.

“Why did you marry a woman who twerks 24/7? Sometimes, you men marry just to explore and be adventurous; you don’t consider that your wife will also be the mother of your kids. Now, your eyes have cleared. God help you.”

You wanna marry a baddie, but you don’t want a baddie daughter? My brother, baddie begets baddie. When choosing a wife, remember that you’re also choosing the mother of your children, and if you can’t handle the reality of having daughters like your wife, she’s the wrong one. Baddie can only beget baddie.”

Korra Obidi’s sister, Nancy Umeh has exposed her former in-law after he posted on his Facebook page that his four-year-old daughter, June, has begun twerking to him like her mum.
Justin Dean, after seeing Nancy’s video where she set the record straight, felt so hurt that it resulted in Dean calling her husband to control her.
“Chata, control your wife. I know… 2 years of harassment based on lies in enough,” he lamented.
However, people quickly pointed out that the Chata he is calling is the person he once denied and reported as a stranger in his ex-parte and full custody battle with Korra.
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Recall that Justin Dean filed for divorce from Korra Obidi in March 2022, a few weeks after they welcomed their second child.

Their divorce was quite messy on social media, as the two dragged each other and spilt their dirt.

The couple’s divorce was finally finalized on November 19, 2022, with both of them sharing joint custody of their two daughters.

Korra, who was elated with the divorce, stated that she was open to moving on in peace with her ex for the sake of the children.

Last week, Justin Dean recounted how Korra slept with a woman’s fiance while she was pregnant with their second child. The accusation sparked mixed reactions, and the mother of two came out to debunk it.

Korra had months ago while reflecting on her growing-up days in Deeper Life Church, revealed why she admitted to cheating on her ex-husband, Justin Dean, in her book, explaining that she made herself an open book to avoid living in secret and she doesn’t regret it because it brought a lot of revelations.

In a recent Instagram post, Korra revealed that she has been suffering in silence for two years since her divorce.

She stated that she escaped with the best possible scenario, which she was grateful for.

She added that she doesn’t want to wait till the worst happens, and she is assured that help will come her way.

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