Maria of BBN Did Not Snatch The Husband Of Cubana Chief Priest’s Sister!

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Reality star, Maria, of the just concluded Big Brother Naija fame, has been accused of husband-snatching. This was coming from the celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest. He accused the star of snatching a certain Kelvin, who, according to him, was his sister’s husband.

He alleged that the reality star also threatened his sister, apart from stealing her husband. He made these remarks on his Instagram page @cubana_chiefpriest:

“All of us dey street. You no carry woman pass anybody but we never make home miserable for our woman to the point a side chic calls your wife to threaten her life.”

A lot has been said about the issue, enough to make people wonder the true story behind all of this. It seems as if Maria is actually living with the said man in Dubai. While others bought into the rumours that he had divorced his wife before establishing courtship with the TV star, others kept lashing the superstar for this supposed sin.

But when are we going to consider the fact that nobody’s husband was snatched? If a man would leave his wife and kids for another woman, I’d like to think he left on his own. I believe all arrows should be aimed at him, and not the supposed “side chic.”  It’s terrible reading the reactions of many who forget that no gun was pointed at the said man. Or, did the reality star compel him to be by her side with charms?

It’s either he’s dating her under the influence of supernatural powers, or he’s living with her because his life depends on it. An example of his life depending on it could be a situation where he’s threatened to court the Imo State star, or something would happen to him.

I doubt the situation on ground is any of these. If it isn’t, people shouldn’t use the word “snatched.”

An adult, who could just be a serial cheat, made up his mind on something, and people are channeling their anger towards the lady alone?

People need to rethink their stand on this. It is unfair to Maria. She doesn’t have to pay for the sin of a man who could also dump her tomorrow the way he dumped his wife and kids.


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Written by: Edward Amah

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