Mixed Celebs Reactions After FUNKE AKINDELE Kicked Husband Out Of His Home Refuse To Take Him Back

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Reports about Funke Akindele’s second marriage breakup have set social media ablaze. Despite the rumours of their rocky marriage looming for months, many never saw it happening, well, until they heard from the horse’s mouth, her husband. The first was from Benito, JJC Skillz UK-based son who is now mocking those who called him a liar a few months back. The 17-year-old has become a thorn in the flesh of the Omoghetto Star actress and JJC Skillz, making damning allegations about their marriage hitting the rocks long ago. But their desperate attempt to display perfect love and marriage to online inlaws would not let them seek divorce.

Finally! JJC Skillz got tired of pretending and, on June 29, dropped a bombshell in an early morning Instagram post where he revealed that his star actress wife had kicked him out of their home and refused to take him back as a prodigal husband. Hence, he is moving on with his life. As you can imagine, shocking news has generated many reactions on social media. The interesting part that caught many people’s eyes and attention was when JJC Skillz cried out and claimed that his wife kicked him out of their home. This generated a lot of reactions, including from Nigerian celebrities.

Equally, fans of Funke Akindele, who was recently nominated for the Lagos-PDP Deputy Governorship ticket, are disappointed that her popular sitcom, Jenifa’s Diary, has lasted longer than her two marriages combined. As a result, lost all hopes that true love still exists. Celebrities are not left out of the messy divorce scandal suffocating the CEO of Sceneone TV and the man she once called the love of her life. One after the other, celebs have been giving hot takes on the sad looming divorce. We have selected some of the strongest opinions to share with yo #FunkeAkindele #FunkeAkindeleMarriage #FunkeAkindeleHusband

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