Paul Okoye of Psquare DRAGGED To Court With MULTIPLE CHARGES By The Mother Of His Children – Details

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The marriage between Paul and Anita Okoye is back in the spotlight again, as fresh evidence of why Anita is seeking divorce emerges online. On July 1, 2022, a copy of the Mother-of-3 divorce petition filed under an Abuja High Court revealed that Paul, one-half of reunited Pop Duo, Psquare was a serial cheat during their seven years of marriage that produced three beautiful children. The 33-year-old lawyer, who is now a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis, alleged that her music superstar husband was in the habit of keeping side chics and went as far as sleeping with one of their housemaids. But when she confronted the “Reason with me”, crooner threw her out of their Lagos Home.

Reports of the university sweetheart going their separate ways after being together for 17 years first went viral in April of 2021 when Anita moved to the US with all her kids, who were born US citizens, under the guise of taking another Master’s program. But on August 20 2021, the separation of the once strong, famous and adorable celebrity couple became official after documents of Anita’s divorce petition leaked and went viral. The supermom alleged she no longer shared a conjugal relationship with Rudeboy of Psquare, who had denied her any form of companionship, and their marriage was irretrievably broken because of a lack of love and compatibility.

At the time when this breakup trended on social media, Anita had refused to make any comment. Still, Paul in an exclusive interview with Do2tun, said his family problems are nobody’s business, and he wished his estranged wife had kept mute about their private affair. Subsequently, the mother-of-2 was captured hanging out with her husband’s brother and wife, Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo, and the general notion was they were convincing her to forgive her husband. But it looks like Anita is not backing down on her decision as she has provided shocking proof to the court on why their marriage should be dissolved immediately. What are these proofs? Are they reasonable grounds for a divorce? #Psqure #PaulandAnitaOkoye #RudeBoy #PaulOkoyemarriage

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