Nigerian Internet Star, Hushpuppi Slammed 11 Years In Jail

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The United States government has urged the District Court in Central California to sentence a Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, well known as Hushpuppi, to 135 months in jail for fraud.

In Her court papers, she justified the proposal that Hushpuppi should be sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison.

The Internet fraudster was arrested in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in June 2020, over an extensive fraudulent scheme that has rubbed victims of their money in the U.S., Qatar, the United Kingdom, and other places.

He was taken to the U.S, where he was charged with fraud and money laundering.

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In June 2021, he pled guilty to conspiracy to participate in money laundering. He admitted to conspiring with several individuals inside and outside the U.S to launder the proceeds of the fraudulent scheme perpetrated against individuals and businesses in various countries.

The Nation Community previously reported that trial judge Otis Wright set November 7 as the date for Mr Abbas’ sentencing.

It was reported that the long-awaited sentencing of Hushpuppi was again delayed by the United States Central District Court in California.

Hushpuppi, who was arrested in the United Arab Emirates in June 2020, had pleaded guilty to multimillion-dollar fraud charges.

A court release shows that the judge on the case, Judge Otis Wright, set November 7 as the date for Mr Abbas’ sentencing.

According to the report, controversial media personality Daddy Freeze was hosting a live Instagram session with another flamboyant big boy Mompha.

Part of the interview that caused a stir on social media captured the moment Mompha blamed Hushpuppi’s stubbornness for his troubles.

According to Mompha, anyone who has attained a position of power cannot escape challenges. However, he added that in such situations, such a person needs to know when to hold back.

Mompha’s statement draws mixed reactions from netizens, with some people urging him to be cautious because of his equally lousy lifestyle.

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