Peruzzi Brags As He Opens Up About Being The Brain Behind Davido’s Hit Songs “Risky’ and ‘Unavailable”

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In a recent revelation, Peruzzi has made bold claims regarding his role in the creation of two of Davido’s viral hits, “Risky” and “Unavailable.”

This revelation occurred during a freestyle session in Peruzzi’s studio, and he promptly shared it on social media.

In a surprising twist, Peruzzi stated that he is the creative genius behind these two chart-topping songs, boldly stating that he was the sole writer of both tracks.

“Risky, oh boy too respect when I wrote Risky. When I wrote ‘Unavailable’ I was still unavailable, I did it though; see the outcome, unbelievable,” he said in the video that that gone viral online.


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These claims haven’t escaped the scrutiny of netizens, who have offered their own perspectives on this matter. Some argue that Peruzzi’s decision to provide these songs to Davido was a strategic move, acknowledging that Davido’s immense star power significantly contributed to the success and widespread popularity of these tracks.

They contend that if Peruzzi had released these songs independently, they might not have achieved the same level of fame and recognition, especially considering Peruzzi’s past challenges in producing viral hits.

The relationship between Peruzzi and Davido has always been smooth sailing. It had been reported that the two artists had engaged in a recent online exchange of playful banter.

This exchange added a layer of curiosity to the ongoing situation. While the music industry mourned the loss of Mohbad, who was signed to a record label influenced by Davido, netizens began to criticize superstar artists for potentially exploiting lesser-known talents within their record labels.

This debate brought about inquiries into Peruzzi’s well-being and the impact of his association with Davido’s record label, along with offers of assistance.

In response to these inquiries, Peruzzi injected a dose of humor into the conversation. He playfully noted that the only aspect of his relationship with Davido that he didn’t quite appreciate was Davido’s habit of borrowing his phone charger.

This lighthearted exchange seemed to provide a moment of humor in the midst of the somber atmosphere surrounding Mobad’s untimely passing.

Recall that it had also reported on a significant development in Davido’s personal life. He recently shared his heartfelt thoughts on the birth of twins with his wife, Chioma.

The timing of this joyous event added a layer to their story, as they welcomed their twins in the same month they tragically lost their son, Ifeanyi, the year before.

Davido described this occurrence as divinely orchestrated, expressing the profound impact it had on him and his wife. Learning about their expectancy of twins in the same month of their prior loss was emotionally overwhelming, emphasizing the rollercoaster of emotions that Davido and Chioma have experienced.

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