“The Twins Came The Same Month Our Son Passed” Davido Breaks Silence Amid The Arrival Of His Twins With Chioma

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Nigerian music star Davido has broken his silence for the first time since the joyous arrival of his twins with his wife, Chioma Rowland.

Recall that Davido and Chioma welcomed their twins (a boy and a girl) on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, in Atlanta, United States of America.

During a recent interview, the singer revealed that he and his wife were shaking, especially considering the poignant fact that they lost their son, Ifeanyi, in the same month.

Despite the challenges they faced, Davido expressed gratitude for maintaining faith in God and pursuing his passion amid difficult times.

He acknowledged that some people might lose faith in such circumstances, but he emphasized the importance of staying focused and surrounded by a supportive environment.

he said: “I really wanna show people the struggle behind the scenes because everybody sees the aftermath of things or the success stories without seeing what goes on behind.

“I want people to see that, not only to be inspired but to not give up cos you see a lot of things in the documentary where I was at the point of giving up. I thought I would be unable to sing again.”

On the birth of the twins, the singer said: “Three days ago my wife delivered twins, a beautiful boy and beautiful girl. Came back in double. I want people to see that side of me and also see that I still kept faith. It’s very hard. A lot of people that those things happen to would never want to believe in God ever.

“When me and my wife found out we were having twins, we were shaking and it was in the same month my son passed last year October. My wife gave birth this year October. It’s crazy.”

Davido mentioned fellow singer D’banj and music executive Don Jazzy as people he looked up to in the music industry, referring to them as the originators of modern afrobeats.

Speaking about brand marketing, he said he will always be good at marketing stuff.

“I used to edit my own YouTube videos. I’m not gonna work with you if I don’t like the brand. I even give ideas to brands.”

Davido also spoke about his late mother, who passed away when he was 11 years old.

“My mum was a Professor in University. My dad a businessman. My mom passed away when I was 11. I lived most of my life with my father.

“I finished High School in Nigeria, my last year of of High School, I figured out I wanted to do music. I went to college at 16 years-old. My dad sent me to a college in Alabama. The school had like the best musical programme. They had the best choir.”

Davido further revealed that he ran a music label for four years without taking a dime from any artist.

“I was paying for videos, I was paying for accommodation, I was paying for welfare. I was just happy seeing that my success could rub off on others. That was money to me,” Davido added.

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