Porsha Williams Divorce Simon Guobadia After Fraud Cases & Failed Citizenship/Faces Deportation

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    If you thought Porsha Williams was only about the Benjamins when she married her Nigerian Billionaire husband. Well, new details that have come to light appear that Simon Guobadia was also about getting U.S. citizenship by hook or crook. Unfortunately, while the Reality TV star seems to have gotten her end of the bargain, Simon has not been lucky, as he now faces permanent deportation to Nigeria after living in America for 42 years.

    Years before he met Porsha, the father-of-5 had been fighting tooth and nail to become a U.S. citizen. When that didn’t work out with his ex-wives, including Falynn Pina, the 59-year-old entrepreneur hoped that marrying Porsha would elicit some miracle of some sort, which would explain the millions of dollars he splurged for their lavish wedding ceremony in November of 2022.

    Sadly, the U.S. federal courts have again denied Simon’s citizenship request over charges that he is a Nigerian scammer with multiple convictions for credit card fraud, bank fraud, and fake marriage to obtain a green card. To make matters worse, Simon has been convicted of Identity fraud. We bet Saul Goodman or even Husbpuppi look like saints beside the serial divorcee.

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    While we are all debating whether Simon Guobadia is his real name or if he is another Tinubu, everyone can’t stop asking if Porsha will spill all the tea on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

    Shockingly, the Atlanta alum has quickly filed for divorce from Guobadia. According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE Magazine, Porsha made the move on Thursday, February 22nd in Atlanta after 15 months of marriage. 

    Porsha Williams Wedding

    November 25 and 26 wasn’t another day in Atlanta. It was the actual definition of Hotlanta as reality T.V. star Porsha Williams married the man who swept her heart, Simon Guobadia, a Nigerian billionaire from Edo State. The father-of-5 proposed in May of 2021 with a ring worth over 1 million dollars. Shockingly, this was before he announced the end of his marriage with Falynn Pina, Porsha’s co-star on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Even though this will be Simon’s 3rd marriage and Porsha Williams’s second, the couple decided to go big in traditional and white weddings. The 2-day star-studded wedding kick-started with a lavish traditional Edo marital ceremony. Then, a more flamboyant American wedding saw Porsha flaunt seven designer wedding dresses and a tall cake that the couple needed a sword to cut. That’s not all; Bravo T.V. offered 5 million U.S. dollars to cover the incredible wedding ceremony.

    Since then, the couple has been living in a combined household of 6 children and living their best life. You know, lavish vacations, expensive hangouts, paparazzi, flashy cars and jewellery, and even drop-top designers that got people on social media gushing. Sadly, behind closed doors, Simon has not been happy as the U.S. government continues to stress him by denying his citizenship application. According to reports, Simon filed for the umpteenth time just a few weeks before his wedding to Porsha, but U.S. federal courts affirmed earlier judgment that he was not qualified because he is a convict.

    At the time when Simon started courting the Atlanta Best Selling Author and mother of one, fans pointed out that there was something sketchy about the unverified Nigerian prince. But now, it’s all beginning to add up after records of the father-of-5 committing multiple frauds in the past hit the internet.

    Simon Guobadia 1983

    As seen in court documents released by ‘All About The Tea’ on February 18 2024, the Nigerian entrepreneur’s legal troubles started as far back as 1982 when he first entered the U.S. on a visitor visa. When it was time to pack his bags and return to the motherland, Simon overstayed his visa and then tried to gain citizenship by marrying a United States citizen in 1985. However, the Immigration and Naturalization Service noticed that his marriage was phoney and deemed it a sham. The ex-wife of the self-acclaimed billionaire told INS that they had never lived together and the marriage had never been consummated. Of course, Simon’s “Adjustment of Status” application was immediately denied, and they initiated deportation proceedings. But the Atlanta-based businessman left voluntarily.

    A year later, the Nigerian prince re-entered the U.S. on another visitor’s visa. Again, Simon overstayed his 6-month visa, and in 1987, he was arrested for bank and credit card fraud — to which he pled guilty to all the felony charges. In 1989, the father-of-5 was arrested again for unauthorized vehicle use and in 1990 for fraud. Simon’s multiple arrests pushed the U.S. Immigration Service to initiate another deportation proceedings against him. While they were at it, in 1991, Simon committed credit card fraud again. In 1992, a judge ordered the businessman to be deported and was immediately removed from the U.S. with force.

    But for a serial fraudster, Simon was not done with his long list of crimes. While the government was working on deporting him, the self-styled billionaire allegedly obtained a green card using a fake identity. Simon then applied for a Special Agricultural Worker immigration program, failing to include his criminal history. The green card got approved, which allowed him to stay in the United States under a false identity. Simon’s successful venture convinced him to push his luck too far, applying in 2016 to become a full citizen rather than just being a green card holder. This was when the U.S. government found him out and held that his temporary resident status was unlawfully granted.

    Simon Guobadia

    Since then, the US-based businessman has tried to get a favourable judgement. As a matter of fact, In 2020, Simon sought U.S. citizenship once more, which was denied because his Green Card was fake. The U.S. court held that his temporary resident status, achieved through a Special Worker program and benefits, had been “based on a different identity”. Again, in October of 2022, the legal team of the entrepreneur sought a review of his citizenship application’s denial, prompting a hearing only for the court to reaffirm its initial decision. Unrelentless, Simon filed a complaint in 2023, urging that the government overturn its judgment, but it was again dismissed. In addition, Simon is facing deportation as reports claim the Immigration service is planning to deport him back to Nigeria.

    The shocking news of Porsha’s husband’s immigration status is coming only a few days after Bravo T.V. confirmed that the reality T.V. star will return to the upcoming season 16 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. As you can imagine, many fans are pressed with expectations of watching the storyline play out in the season that will start filming soon. But the real question is how much tea will Porsha spill while on air?

    On their end, Porsha and Simon have been ignoring the bad press for the past four days. Instead, they have been enjoying time as a married couple, crushing any hint that Simon’s frustration with getting his U.S. Citizenship has taken a toll on their marriage.


    Taking to his Instagram page after the news broke, the father-of-5 shared the videos of him and Porsha having aqua fun and cruising on a boat. “Living our lives unapologetically. #LivingOurBestLife #BlackLove #BestFriendsForever,” he wrote.

    In a follow-up post, the popular Nigerian prince told everyone he is not scared or bothered in Nigerian pidgin. “I dey kampe, no shaking. Happy Sunday, “he wrote, to which afrobeat superstar Davido reacted with three laughing emojis.

    In another post, Simon dropped this photo of himself at the golf club with the caption, “Happy Tuesday to all who ever overcame and persevered in life. You’re winning. #42YearsLivingInAmerica.” The self-acclaimed billionaire is not alone; Porsha has been positive and having a good time since her husband’s dirty secrets went viral. Sharing this fun video, she called him ‘Her ride or die.”

    However, On Friday, February 23rd, People Magazine broke the news that the reality star has eventually filed for a divorce on the 22nd. It looks like Porsha didn’t mean the ‘For better for worse’ vows she took 15 months ago. 

    Tell us guys, what do you think about the shocking information of Simon Guobadia that has come to light? 

    Do you think he got married to Porsha for papers? 

    Full Details Of How Porsha Williams FINALLY Married Her Nigerian Prince Simon Guobadia

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