11 Iconic Celebrity Outfits Designed by Veekee James

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Victoria James, popularly known as Veekee James, is a remarkable designer who is highly regarded for her unique designs and work style.

Originally from Akwa Ibom, she is known for creating stunning illusions and sheer dresses often worn by brides on special occasions and red-carpet events. Veekae James’ passion for fashion started while she was still in secondary school. However, she said it was not new to her as she was raised by a fashion designer mum.

The newly married fashion designer mastered the art of sculpting the feminine body in her dresses. Hence her designs are popular for enhanced boobs and hips with snatched waistlines. Beautiful beadings, illusions, and luxurious fabrics are other remarkable features.

From her works, we can firmly say that Veekee James is very talented and hard-working. Her dedication to her work is very admirable. Which one of the Top Celebrity looks is your favourite? #veekeejames #Veekeejamesfashion #VeekJamesDesign

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