Nigeria Pastors Reaction & Prophecy About The Tragic Death of Davido’s Son Ifeanyi Adeleke

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Following the sad passing of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, on October 31, 2022, emotions have been really high after the singer’s foster brother, Emeka Senator, revealed that Ifeanyi may not have died if the family had heeded an earlier prophecy about the tragedy. Taking to his Instastory, the music superstar’s foster brother asked God to forgive them for ignoring the prophecy. “The revelation was taken for granted.

God, we are so sorry, “ he wrote. This has led to the discovery of an old Facebook post dated back to January 7, 2022, where a lesser-known clergyman in the country predicted Ifeanyi’s death and asked his parents to pray very hard to avert it. According to the prophecy by one Prophet Samuel King, 2022 and 2023 will be the best years in Davido’s music career, but they will be accompanied by an arrow of death against his son. Unfortunately, neither the singer nor his fiancee, Chioma, reached out to the man of God, which some people claim may have been the only way to save the baby Ifeanyi’s life.

After Ifeanyi’s passing, the Prophet came out again to warn Davido about another impending tragedy and asked that the singer gets in touch with him even in his grieving state. But Prophet Samuel King is not the only man of God in the country who has reacted to the sad passing of Davido’s son. Another Clergyman, identified as Prophet Shola, boasted that if Ifeanyi’s lifeless body could be brought to his church within 21 hours, he would perform a miracle that would bring him back to life. Sadly, nothing has been heard since this prophecy went viral.

In the wake of all these prophecies, many popular pastors in Nigeria have maintained deafening silence, except Pastor Adeboye, who posted about all being well. Shockingly, social media users seem not too pleased by the message of hope and are now dragging the revered man of God for chasing clout with the death of a child. Is it possible that Ifeanyi’s death could have been averted with prayers? Can Ifeanyi still be brought back to life despite being pronounced dead? And why are Nigerians taking all their anger on Pastor Adeboye? #Davido #ifeanyiadeleke #DavidosonIfeanyi #PastorAdeboye

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