Repentant Bokoharam; It’s a Scam: Our Leaders Send Us To Die In Battle – Boko Haram Ex-commander Opens Up!

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Some members of the dreaded Boko Haram group who newly gave in willingly to the Nigerian army are beginning to disclose their bad encounters. One of them is Adamu Rugurugu, a former leader of the dreaded sec, who has revealed that some of the insurgents were abducted and forcefully integrated. Rugurugu said he decided to leave the group because he and others were being forwarded to die while their leaders stay hiding.

Adamu Rugurugu, a repentant, former Boko Haram commander in Bornu, Nigeria, is sure that the insurgent group is nothing less than a scam. In a publication by PR Nigeria, Rugurugu revealed that most times, leaders of the terrorist gang stay in hide-outs from the Nigerian army and forward low-ranking members to be killed on battlegrounds.

Adamu also disclosed that the kingpins deceive everyone by telling them that their reward is in heaven if they die as terrorists.

He claimed that almost armed criminals were abducted by the ring-leaders and kept in Sambisa Forest and forced into their evil orientations.

His confession:

“The leaders are not attending the battle, it is only the low-ranking members that carry guns, have you ever heard of any ‘Khadi’ or ‘Wazir’ leading the battle on the frontlines? They will say you are doing this thing for the sake of God and when you are killed, paradise will be your final abode, I swear to God this is a scam, you are not going to any paradise. We cheated ourselves, and we will not go back again since God has now delivered us out of this predicament, we returned to the community and soldiers have accepted us.”

Rugurugu’s message to other terrorists who still carry arms is that those who surrendered to troops did so because they are in search of a better life. He went on to beg his former colleagues to choose to be responsible, especially since the federal government is keeping its promise.

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