SAD! Nigerian R&B singer Solidstar CRIES OUT For Help While Facing Difficult Life Challenges

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Nigerian R&B singer Solidstar has got his fans and colleagues extremely worried. This is coming after the singer best known for his hit single, “One in a Million,” was seen acting stranger than his usual self. In a video that went viral in August of 2023, the 34-year-old artist was seen roaming the street barefooted and looking unkempt while chanting words that didn’t make sense. The video caused a lot of concern for his fans, who took to social media to express their worry.

Some even suggested that he might be suffering from mental health issues. Initially, fans who had sighted the Delta native recently at an event insisted that that cannot be the same person they saw all happy and in good health while performing on stage. This led many to conclude that the video could be a skit to promote his new music, as this is the norm nowadays. On the other hand, many wondered if the singer was suffering from a spiritual attack. Sadly, the video has been the artist’s reality for a while now. This was confirmed by solid star brother Joseph Iniyezo, who revealed that the singer is seriously mentally ill and needs the financial aid of fans, colleagues and well-meaning Nigerians to nurse him back to health.

In 2019, Solidstar opened up about his battle with hard drugs and recreational substances. The talented R&B hitmaker narrated how he almost lost his life to an overdose incident and then promised fans that he had learned his lesson and had put that life-threatening habit behind him. Sadly, following news of his poor mental state, many people cannot stop wondering if drug abuse is the cause of the singer’s present health challenges. Does drug abuse have anything to do with Solidstar’s present condition? Is it a spiritual attack, or is it all just clout to promote an upcoming music?

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