Terry G Says Bad Public Image Ruined His Attempt to Land Endorsement Deals | Video

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Veteran Nigerian singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi popularly known as Terry G has revealed how his controversial personality cost him fortunes during his prime years as one the country’s hottest musicians.

Terry G says his mania-like temperament prevented him from leveraging his image right in terms of endorsement deals with popular brands.

The singer recently sat with with Folarin of H2G Filmworks in an Instagram live chat where he made this known.

During the live chat, Terry G looked back on his career and expressed his frustration at not being able to land any endorsement deal.

Terry G was one of the biggest singers back in the 2000s

According to the Free Madness coroner, leading brands refrained from approaching him for commercial deals during his heydays as a singer because of the bad public image that was cast on him by the masses.

“Now una dull me, the time wen I dey hot, them they talk say Terry G this Terry G that one did I kill anybody? No! But I looked like the baddest guy in Nigeria. Now endorsement time, nobody endorse me, nobody do anything the time when Terry G dey hot,” he said.

Terry G was one of the biggest singers back in the 2000s.

He is best known for some of his hit songs including ‘Akpako Master’, ‘Free Madness’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Testing Microphone’. 

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