The Career of Your Spouse Matters A Lot – Korra & Justin Dean Divorce Issue

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The recent talks about a divorce in the marriage of Korra Obidi and her husband Justin Dean, has bred lots of questions. One of the questions I find worthy of note, is that of a spouse’s career.

Justin has publicly accused his wife of cheating and has stated that he can no longer take the way he’s being treated in the union. This must have been going on for some time, before he brought it to the media through an Instagram post.

In the midst of the worries from fans and followers of the couple, concerned individuals asked him to go for a DNA test, in order to ascertain the true identity of his kids. Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, was among the individuals who advised him. It is believed he did so, and came out with something positive, hence his recent post which came with a picture of him and his kids stating: “My girls. My flesh. My blood and heart.”

In the midst of all this, I wondered how Justin was able to keep up with the sulking over the years.  I believe a man who has decided to marry her kind, must have considered the consequences of accepting forever with someone in Korra’s line of career.

Jane mena’s husband was also subjected to ridicule on social media, because the wife – an Instagram twerker – was said to have cheated on him with another man who could not hide it. What was he thinking when he married Jane mena? 

Someone who earns a living from satisfying certain urges of public individuals, should not be seen as ordinary. We may pretend with the usual saying of “no one should judge,” but we all know there is a limit to what one can take.

If a lady is married to the road manager of a superstar, it would take some level of trust to understand that wherever your husband travels to, he’s not sleeping with some random girl, since he’s in the company of a star who ‘might‘  be doing so. It takes some level of trust to be involved with one in this line of career which shouldn’t be a problem, seeing that your husband could just be focused on his road manager job, and not be distracted by anything. It shouldn’t be a problem, but I’ve seen couples split because a partner is in this line of job.

The aforementioned job, comes with certain risks to one’s relationship, not to mention when one is dating a dancer whose audience has to do with people who could eventually want to sleep with her.

I know of a man who once encountered a lady dancing in a bar. He took pleasure in seeing her as other men at the bar did. Yes, falling in love is not a wrong thing, and everyone deserves to experience real love. But if you must walk into love aimlessly, there are consequences.

He asked her out, and this led to a relationship. They later got married, and she stopped dancing for the bar. 

Three years later they started having a quarrel, because the woman cheats with some of the men who saw her dirty dancing at that bar. Even in marriage, the men who lusted after her body, didn’t care – they made their intentions to sleep with her known, and she accepted for some fees.

The marriage later crashed, because the man couldn’t take it any longer.

I believe Justin has reached that bridge where he decided to tell himself the truth – maybe I made a mistake thinking I can convert her for me only.

The career of your spouse matters a lot. When you’re married to a busy lady in the banking sector, just be ready to pay for the services of a nanny. She can’t lose her job because she’s trying to give proper care to her children.

Korra’s career is obviously more important than whatever Justin feels, and I believe sleeping with certain admirers for a fee, could be part of the hazards of her work. Some persons may just switch to entertaining people only, and having nothing to do with cheating on their spouse. But for others, marriage changes nothing.

People must learn to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of their partner’s job, and make a decision of if they’re ready to deal with the ills that could come with marrying them.

Knowledge of this will help you question your bearing strength. If you can tell yourself the truth that you cannot stand what could come from it, then you might yet have for yourself, a peaceful life.


Written by: Edward Amah

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