Dr. Justin Dean Debunks ‘Chronic Cheating’ Statement He Made Against His Wife Korra Obidi

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Justin Dean has shared on IG to debunk the chronic cheating statement he made about Korra Obidi his wife and his kids’ paternity. The medical doctor, who has two children with dancer Obidi, had announced that he was divorcing his wife Korra because he is tired of the “narcissism, cheating, and lack of accountability”.

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He has now said in a new video that the comments he made about his estranged wife being a “chronic cheat” were inaccurate. He went on to apologize for the comment. He added that she only cheated once at the start of their relationship and he forgave her and they moved past it.

On his kids’ paternity, Justin Dean cleared the air on speculations that he is abandoning Korra because he is not the father of the kids. He said the kids are his and he loves them. He went on to say that every other statement he made about Korra in his post announcing their divorce were correct.

“All other statements that I made in that post are accurate and correct,” Justin said

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Their newborn still being adored on video


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