“The Person I Have A Problem With Is Bovi” – Ubi Franklin Responds To Timaya’s Mockery, Says Nothing Is Wrong Taking Care Of Davido’s Son

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    Following the slap forwarded to the American comedian, Chris Rock, by another American comedian and actor, Will Smith, during the last completed Academy Awards over a joke Rock made about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, talent manager, Ubi Franklin, called out comedian, Bovi Ugboma, for making mockery about his personal life. What he shared on social media pulled many reactions, including from another comedian, I Go Save, who made jokes about him.

    Describing I Go Save as a ‘victim of circumstance’, Franklin told Sunday Scoop, “The person I have a problem with is Bovi. I Go Save was trying to defend his friend. He is only a victim of circumstance.

    “I called out Bovi because he mentioned my name (in his joke). Comedians should not make jokes about things they also do secretly just because they have not been caught. Comedians are at liberty to crack any joke they want but some people are very sensitive to certain things.

    “Comedians should be creative to make funny jokes instead of looking for an opportunity to throw jibes at people they have a personal vendetta with.”

    According to Franklin on the status of his relationship with Timaya, He said, “I never had an issue with Timaya until we went to a friend’s house and had some discussions. I was talking to somebody else when he hit me on the back of my head, and I retaliated. I don’t know what came over him. He later apologized and said he was ‘high’. We went our separate ways and he still called me the next day to apologize.

    “However, I don’t have any problem with I Go Save or Timaya. It is Bovi I have a problem with.”

    Responded to statements that he is now the nanny for Davido and Chioma’s son, Ifeanyi, he said, “It is not a bad thing to take care of Ifeanyi. This is where I call empathy to play. I have children too and I cannot see her (Chioma) struggling with the boy and I would not help. Besides being her manager, she is like a sister to me. That doesn’t make me her son’s nanny. The people criticizing me just want to throw jibes at me.”

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