The Reason Queen Naomi Divorced Ooni Of Ife After Faking Love & Happiness For The Public

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Coming a year after she welcomed her first child, heir to the Ife throne, Queen Naomi ended her three-year marriage to the Ooni of Ife. The prophetess who became Olori publicly dumped the monarch in an Instagram post on Thursday, December 23 of 2021. She noted that although she has been enduring in the marriage, she is suffering and smiling and doing her best to make it work, the marriage was not working. Hence, she was moving on.

Indeed, there have been speculations that the Ooni of Ife marriage to Queen Naomi is troubled and on the brink of dissolution. Still, the 28-year-old Olori made it her life mission to debunk them all, using an aggressive public display of affection to kill the rumours. However, just coming after reports that other wives of the Ife King have been fighting for public recognition and the King’s attention, Queen Naomi served him breakfast and said her final goodbye to the Ife palace that has been her home for three good years. Although the mother of one refused to state the actual reason she left the marriage she once claimed was ordained by God, she did hint that the King has numerous side chicks which she had no problem with, while also debunking malicious rumours about her.

Finally, she urged her fans and well-wishers not to refer to her as the wife of Ooni of Ife anymore, but instead as the queen of the people and mother of the Ife Prince. For a marriage that had seemed so perfect on social media and in the public eye, many social media users have been left in shock as this is the Ooni of Ife’s third marriage to hit the rocks. However, the Ooni spokesman has debunked Queen Naomi’s Instagram account post on their divorce, saying it is not true, so who do we believe? #OoniOfIfe #OoniOfIfewife #QueenNaomiandOoniOfIfe

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