Top 11 Nigerian CrossDressers To Watch Out For In 2022

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    A few years back, Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky started solo as the first crossdresser in Nigeria. He was disgraced, trolled, arrested, and called all sorts of homophobic and transphobic names, but he stood his ground. As a top social media influencer today, he has transformed cross-dressing into a very lucrative business and cashing out big from what started out as an embarrassment.

    He boasts of having a house of his own and a fleet of luxury cars in his garage. This is not forgetting the connections he has among Lagos and Abuja big boys, politicians, and billionaires in the country. Following the footsteps of Bobrisky, more Nigerian men are joining the crossdressing industry and seem to be competing against Bobrisky, tensioning him with their beauty and content.

    When the disrespect from his junior colleague became too much to handle, Bobrisky went into a cyberwar with one of them, accusing him of copying his content. Just recently, these upcoming crossdressers joined forces together to drag bob of Lagos after he declared himself the mummy of all crossdressers. Initially, bob swore he would sit on their crossdressing glory until he retires. Bobrisky gave out epic advice asking broke Nigerian men to join the cross-dressing business. Before new faces begin to appear, here are the Top 11 upcoming Nigerian crossdressers currently tensioning Bobrisky and fighting to get the same kind of fame, riches and popularity. Who is the most successful among them, who is growing faster on Instagram, who is more beautiful, and of course the most convincing? #Bobriksy #NigerianTopCrossdressers #NigeriaLGBT

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