When Is The Burial of Femi Fani-Kayode?

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Make no mistakes about the picture you’ve been seeing lately on the internet. Are you confused about the videos on TV stations, or are you worried that your eyes could be deceiving you? Have you been wondering about the possibility of the talking images on the media, being that of the former Aviation Minister?

Well, you’re actually not crazy, and nothing is wrong with your eyes.  And yes, you’re not seeing a ghost, because that’s the lively image of Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode joining the APC party.

It’s very funny, yet annoying that his family members never said anything about his burial. It would be wrong of them to hide it from the public, because a man like him who stirs political waters, ought to be recognized, even in death. If for nothing else, at least for the fact that he’s good at lacing lots of political absurdities with good English; thereby making you think he’s a brilliant man when actually, he’s the opposite.

People keep remembering the words of this man against the APC, for the insult he gave the party in 2018, was legendary:

“The suggestion that l joined the APC is false and insulting. Those that are peddling this fake news should bury their heads in shame. With what we have witnessed, l would rather die than join a filthy, rat-infested sinking ship like the Almajiri Peoples Congress (APC).

I am committed to opposing the APC and those that are in their ranks for the rest of my natural life and I will NEVER join them no matter what! They are nothing but darkness whilst l stand for the light of God and truth; there can be NO fellowship between light and darkness.”

Seeing him join the APC from PDP, manifests the fact that those rating him as a terrible political prostitute, were not wrong after all. 

Defending his recent switch to APC which has got people talking, he, as usual, brought God into the centre of his deeds:

“I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but I’ve made a choice, I believe I’ve been led by the Spirit of God and I will fight for what I believe is right within this party as I would anyway. I will never give up on my core values and principles.”

Since Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode has joined the APC wouldn’t it be proper to get worried about our current state of existence? He said he would join as a dead man, and if we are to go by his logic, we’re meant to be asking this comic question:

Are you sure the rapture hasn’t taken place?

Written by: Edward Amah

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