‘Why Pretty Girls Remain Single And Ugly Ones Marry Good Guys? – Toke Makinwa

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TV personality and actress, Toke Makinwa has opened up on the challenges beautiful girls encounter in the hands of men.

Makinwa, in her Vlog, noted that pretty girls go through worse things in relationships.

“If you’re not beautiful, men would assume that you are humble and easy to access.

“But once you’re beautiful, they conclude that you’re going to be proud.

“Worse still, when you’re beautiful and have money, people assume that you are arrogant for no reason.

“They presume you always have guys around you, and running after you,” she observed.

On why ugly girls end up marrying great guys while good girls like her remain single and frustrated, Makinwa said: “If you are beautiful, fine guys would not want to come too close to you or woo you.

Little wonder, fine guys always end up with ugly girls while beautiful girls remain single.

You wonder what’s going on.

You wonder why ugly girls are getting married before you, and then they say it’s the vibes.

Vibes? Did you bother to approach the beautiful girl and discover she doesn’t have the vibes?

These men always conclude that beautiful girls are always busy, that’s why they don’t shoot their shots.

They believe that every fine girl out there has men at their becks and calls.

However, ironically, these beautiful girls don’t have any men around them.

Basically, their beauty is oppressing their potential boyfriends or suitors.

Na fine I fine, I no kill person.”

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