Why Tonto Dikeh Paying N500 Million For Defamation Of Character Doesn’t Scare Her?

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Will there be an incident that will present us with a video of Tonto Dikeh receiving a hot slap from someone? This, funnily, could happen anytime soon, if care is not taken.

A petition was recently filed against her in court, by popular Instagram dancer, Jane Mena.

Sources have it that she sued the Nollywood Actress for five hundred million Naira.

If you recall, Tonto Dikeh, sometime in September 2021, revealed through her Instagram post; that her ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogiri has sex tapes of the women he had slept with. She mentioned the dancer as being one of the persons seen in those tapes.

It was crazy of the actress to mention her name, and people believe it was done with an ulterior motive.

However, this riled up the dancer, who is now married.  The young lady is currently in her petition against the actress, demanding an apology in four national dailies, for defamation of character.

Reacting to the situation, the popular controversial actress had this to say:

“If I say your sex tape exists, I say it, again and again, child, you can’t be begging me behind the scene to save your marriage and begging to see me for an appointment to explain yourself and then come with a petition.

I am not as dumb as your boyfriend so I wouldn’t be releasing your tape nor your call a week ago. See you in court.” 

I think Tonto Dikeh’s case, is that of “if I can’t have happiness, then no one should.”

Why would she single out Jane Mena? Could it be that she yearns to have that lady has?

I think Tonto Dikeh needs to experience good loving from someone, otherwise, she could before our eyes, submit to depression.

I doubt if she has people who advise her, even though she readily seems like someone who would ignore certain devices.

I think it’s safe to say that Tonto Dikeh has a wicked heart. You have to have a certain bond with heartlessness, for you to think of pulling the stunt she’s currently doing.

Written by: Edward Amah

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