40-Year-Old African Woman Breaks Record; Gave Birth To 44 Kids From One Man, Video Goes Viral!

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A 40-year-old strong African woman who gave birth to 44 children from one man has gone viral and stunned the internet The woman who is from Uganda delivered 22 boys and 16 girls with her last childbirth coming in December 2016 Popularly known as Mama Uganda, the woman takes care of the children herself as her husband abandoned them after taking off with all their money.

Without undergoing any special medical procedure, a woman dubbed Mama Uganda delivered a total of 44 children from one man. The woman who hails from Uganda started childbearing at the young age of 13 after she was married off by her parents at age 12.

Her husband took off with all their money

In a video shared by Explorer Joe Hattab on Facebook, the 40-year-old woman stated that she is a single mum after her husband abandoned them disappearing with all the money they had.

The single mum has now been left to cater for the 38 children all alone – 6 of them are dead. A kind-hearted Arabian provided the bunk beds her kids sleep on but Mama Uganda has been able to enroll all her children in school.

She delivered a single child only once

Beaming with smile from ear to ear, the strong woman revealed that doctors told her she is very fertile and that has contributed to her large childbearing. Interestingly, she only delivered a single child once, all others have been twins, triplets and quadruplets. Mama Uganda birthed 22 boys and 16 girls who are still alive. Her total 44 deliveries have been twins 4 times, triplets 5 times and quadruplets 5 times in addition to the single delivery. It is reported that no family planning method worked on her.

Explorer Hattab visited the woman’s residence and shared a video of its interior.

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Ify Mado remarked:

“She is really a heroine. She should make the Guinness Book of Records. Besides, the Ugandan President should take over the entire family welfare. It must go down in history because it’s only God who can do that. At least if you are talking about the history of Ugandans she will definitely be mentioned. This is rare in the world. Congratulations. May God continue to provide for your family.”

Natasha Ibrahim wrote:

“Allah bless her and her children. I can barely make it alive with my single pregnancy. Love it that she always have a party waiting for her at home. Such a blessing.”

Mary-Anne Delaney thought:

“She is so beautiful. Her children are happy. Still, they need to be able to receive financial help. The laws need to change about early marriage. God bless their family.”

Jayanthi Seetha opined:

“I dnt feel any greatness.. can they gv quality life fr their kids? If nt we dnt hv any right to spoil der childhood or future its nt just over by giving birth…I seriously pity der kids.”

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