Abinoro Collins Wows The World With Unimaginable Spoons & Forks Sculptors!

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So we could say Art is life but creativity is its beauty. Abinoro Akporode Collins who is the owner of Art collins handle on Instagram is a great artist with special skills in sculpture and drawing.  Akporode Collins is a multidisciplinary artist, but the work he is most renowned for is his interesting and unusual sculptures made from a rather unimaginable material, spoons and forks; yes the ones you eat with.

Born in 1984 in Nigeria, the young Nigerian attended the school of Arts and Designs and a graduate of Sculpture from Auchi Polytechnic, Nigeria.


Collins as popularly known said he was challenged one day by his art lecturer to create a sculpture using unconventional materials. What arose out of this art prompt were magnificent sculptures of the natural world all made out of spoons, metal chains and junk materials.







Evidently, we can see that the artist is talented and enjoys what he does. Talking about his work, affirmed;  “The beauty and the most successful dream is living happily. Am an artist, I do what I love and love what I do. affecting the world with my art is a top priority maybe because I see art as a language of expression.” 
Abinoro believes that “whatever your heart conceives, your hands can handle it”, well there is almost no way we can oppose to this as we can tell that his heart must be loaded with lots of creative ideas as he exhibits the level of creativity.

What Are His Inspiration?

Abinoro said he gets inspired from his environment, revealing these experiences with his sculptures displayed in stainless steel cutlery, fire glass and bronze.

He is killing it widely across the globe and was recently acknowledged and featured on BBC News for his impressive art pieces created with spoons.

Here are more photos of his extremely beautiful works shared on Instagram.




According to him,”I am most honored to be gifted in been able to create, awaken consciousness, to question, and proffer answers as well as create new conversations while documenting my existence. But one of the most power emotion I wake up to daily is living with art. Locked within my cubicle I can travel amidst the cosmic, I find peace from within; sometimes experience battles happening around the world. I reflect, I fight and make peace. Living with art is a whole different experience.”







You can follow him on Instagram to view more of his amazing creations.


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