Africa Record First Floating Hotel At Sea Built With 800k Plastic Bottles (Video)

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Ivory Coast has recorded the first floating hotel built with 800 thousand plastic bottles gathered from the waste through an innovative man who actually translated waste into wealth by developing a floating hotel using plastic bottle wastes.

The man Eric, who came up with the ‘crazy’ innovation, picked 800k plastic bottles he observed littered on the bank of a beach in Ivory Coast. The 5 Star Hotel hotel which had been furnished to capacity has Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, a solar-powered lighting system and many more and is rented to customers at $100 (N40k) for a night.

Naturally plastic bottles are assumed to be wasted by most people but Eric considered it material and brought innovation with it to visibility. The floating hotel is now one of the most attractive tourist places worldwide dragging guests to it on an average of 200 people weekly.

The floating hotel is moved from one area to another at the request of guests onboard. Eric is still looking forward to building more of it in a similar fashion has since then been throwing weight behind the gathering of more plastic bottles.

See The Floating On Video

According to Eric, how he started building the hotel..

“Workers sand filled the plastic bottles and linked them at the neck by an intricate network of strings. He said the building is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, adding that it is cheaper to build because the building materials are available on the streets and in trash dump centres”.

Social media uproar 

Sadia Noor said:

“The Highest praise for u Eric. “Obviously, a commendable work reusable of plastic into a great hotel. From every unusable thing, we should find the opportunity, it’s a message for us.” Margarita Kefalaki stated: “Inspirational or crazy idea? (that became ACTION!). A floating hotel made of trash! Congratulations to this kind of ‘crazy’ people and their actions! Thank you for inspiring us!”

Christina Sayson Chaneco-Mejia wrote:

“Heal the world make it a better place for u and for me and the entire human races” it was such a very brilliant idea sir .keep it up .my two thumbs up for u.” Fayola Williams opined: “This is making a significance. Living life to its fullest and truly leaving his legacy behind. Admire this guy’s ability to listen to his conscience.”

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