African Chewing Stick Rebranded & Sold As Organic Toothbrush called “Vegan Miswak”

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If you grew up in Africa, there are chances you might know what ‘Chewing stick’ is. The herbal stick used in most African countries has been rebranded ‘Vegan Miswak natural teeth whitening product and is now being sold on Amazon, eBay and other business outlets.

In a time when being ‘Vegan’ has become popular and trendy, this chewing stick made from tree roots is said to be environmentally friendly. The organic toothbrush has been;

  • Ranked number one for teeth whitening
  • Naturally reduces plaques without the need for toothpaste
  • Freshens breath and increases salivation
  • very environmentally friendly
  • The product has been backed by research from dentists and scientist in over 80 academic journals
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) has encouraged the use of the organic toothbrush

Selling for 15.99 pounds on Amazon, It comes neatly packaged in a white case and has a “cutter”. It also promises to whiten the teeth.

Buy £15.99

Would you buy it?

We just hope the brain behind the idea is African!

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