Banky W Criticizes FG NIN Directive Amid Pandemic, Star Calls For Revoke

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The singer struggles to make sense of government willingness to have citizens gather en mass for NIN registration when there is a deadly virus out there.

Popular Nigerian singer Banky Wellington, professionally known as Banky W, has challenged the Federal Government’s decision to call for NIN registration across the country amid a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, calling it “completely reckless.”

Banky let out a series of tweets via his Twitter page on Friday, January 22, 2021, criticizing those responsible for issuing such directive.

The music star stated in his post that it is “inconsiderate and dangerous” to have people congregate in large numbers for the sake of accquring NIN while Covid-19 continues to rage.

Banky W

Banky wrote: “In the middle of the pandemic, this is how our Nigerian Government has its citizens queuing up to get their NIN numbers. Completely reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous. Then tomorrow the NCDC will release covid infection rates and say social distancing. This country sha. Kai.”

The veteran musician who doubles down as a politician and CEO went further to call for a revoke of the directive, stressing that lives are still being lost to the virus.

He added: “@NCDCgov @NigeriaGov @ NGRPresident This is completely irresponsible of us as a country, to insist on this mad scramble for NIN numbers in the middle of Covid’s 2nd wave. People are dying. We should be smarter/wiser/better than this for goodness sake.”

Banky says timing of NIN registration not right

Nigerians have been made to get their National Identification Number (NIN) in wake of the Federal Government directive to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to update its SIM card database through NIN.

The NCC has, in turn, instructed telecommunications companies to block all SIM cards without identification in the country after February 9, 2021.

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