Before You Marry A Divorcee, Find Out Why His Ex-Wife Divorced Him!

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Nkechi Bianze has dropped it like it’s hot again. This time, she has an interesting truth for people who date divorces. The lifestyle writer advised women who are venturing into a new relationship with a divorcee to find out why their marriage break down in the first place before dating. Nkechi Bianze pointed out her reasons below.

“You see, sometimes I think many Nigerian women deserve what they get. You see a man who has been married once or twice or even three times or more, and you jump in without finding out why his exes left him.

Do you really think 1, 2, 3 or more women would just keep leaving a good man? Why do you think your case would be different?

Nigerian men who want to marry divorced women do their due diligence. They investigate the reason why the woman’s previous marriage failed. But many of you Nigerian women are too desperate to become Mrs. You fail to ask the necessary questions.

I will say it again and again and again.
A good number of divorced men have approached me for serious relationships or marriage. Out of ALL of them, it’s ONLY ONE that I’m yet to see why the ex-wife left him. For the rest of them, it took me an hour conversation or spending at most a day with them to begin to ask myself how their ex-wives coped with them beyond 48 hours.

After spending time with one and listening to HIS OWN VERSION of his story, I wanted to find his ex-wife and give her a hug and my shoulder to cry on. She must have walked through the valley of the shadow of misery being married to such a man for 5 years.

I mean, if your own version of the story makes you look like a monster, then you must be evil defined and raised to the power of 69.

You see a man who treated his ex-wife like trash, cheated on her and abused her, and you jump into marriage with him. You delude yourself to think that your case would be different.

I’ll repeat it; MOST divorced Nigerian men are damaged beyond fixing. Nigerian women have a “we die here” attitude to marriage. If a Nigerian woman left her husband, there is a 90% chance that the man is NOT qualified to have a woman in his life.

But you mumu women will jump in and come and start disturbing our inboxes and newsfeeds with your stupid “hide my ID, what should I do?” anguish tales.

Do you know what you should do? You should kill yourself. Mumu!

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Written by Nkechi Bianze a student, feminist advocate and a fearless writer. You can follow her on Facebook to read more of her interesting arguments here

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