Boy Who Lived In Bushes, Ate Grasses Now Rolls In Suits & Treated Like Celebrity In The City (Video)

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A young man, Nsanzimana Elie, was living in the jungle and due to his looks, he was the target of bullying in his village, with people calling him a monkey Elie’s mother said he was the answer to her prayers after losing all her first five children and is not ashamed of him After his story was aired in February, he made headlines and attracted massive support from well-wishers.

About nine months ago, a story of a 21-year-old man Nsanzimana Elie from the Southern province of Rwanda was aired on the country’s Afrimax television. Elie who had lived in the bushes was dubbed gorilla or monkey by people due to his appearance.

Elie’s fortune has now changed after receiving overwhelming help from well-wishers.

Nsanzimana Elie nine months ago when he used to live in the jungle

Only Son

Elie was born in 1999 after his mum lost her first five children.

In a media interview, his mum said Elie was the answer to her prayers after giving up hope that she would ever have children. She prayed to God to bless her with a child that could live even if it meant a disabled one.

“Elie is my sixth child. His five children have all died. After the death of his elders, we were desperate. We prayed to God to get another kid and fortunately, we were blessed with Elie. Now I cherish him as heaven’s gift from God and love him enormously,” her mother said.

At birth, Elie’s mother said she knew he would be different as he had an abnormally small head and unusual facial features. He was later discovered to be non-verbal and had learning disabilities.

Growing Up

Initially, his mother said he was unable to attend school due to learning difficulties and inability to communicate with other people.

She said doctors told her the boy’s intellectual capacity cannot allow him to concentrate in class but he can acquire surviving knowledge. While growing up, the mother said he spent a lot of his time in the bush and would feed on grass. The mother said he would chase after him every evening to bring him home as he spent all day running through the jungle. She said he did not like food and days would pass without him eating.

“He simply likes bananas and fresh foods and it is not easy to provide the basic needs for both of us,” she said. Further, she said that her son was afraid of people and would run away from them. Sometimes, the mother said she had to tie him with ropes to contain him.

Nsanzimana Elie after receiving help from well-wishers.

Called Names

Elie’s mother said she was always heartbroken when neighbours insulted his son, calling him a monkey, gorilla and other unpleasant names.

“Whenever I hear someone bullying, insulting or beating him, it really gives me a heart attack. My kid is innocent, he never does harm to anyone and I sometimes lose my temper when people call him an animal and not treat him like a human being,” she added.

Now A Superstar

Months later, the story of Elie has changed. After his story was aired, he made headlines and attracted massive support from well-wishers. The donors built them a new house and furnished it. Elie won many hearts. He is now a superstar and roles in suits and designer clothes. He now has a lot of fans who, whenever he is on the road, strive to take pictures with him.

He was enrolled in school and is now learning how to stay with people after spending a lot of time in the forest.

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