I Built Him A House; Landlady Cries Out As Tenant Boyfriend Dumps Her For Her Daughter

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Mary, a landlady in Nairobi’s Kangemi area, has given up on love after her lover eloped with her 32-year-old daughter The 55-year-old welcomed Odhis to her house two weeks after meeting and they dated for four years before he betrayed her One day, Mary caught Odhis and her daughter red-handed having intercourse in her bed but despite seeing her, they continued with what they were doing.

Different strokes it is for different folks. While one landlady is in the news for not renting out apartments to Nigerian students, another is heartbroken. A Nairobi woman identified as Mary is heartbroken after her man fell in love with her daughter.

Speaking to a trusted Kenyan website Tuko, the 55-year-old woman said she lost her husband seven years ago, and two years later, she met a 35-year-old man only identified as Odhis.

“He was living in my plot and had never seen him with a woman. We became close and withing two weeks, he had moved into my hosue, where I used to live with my only child, a daughter,” she recalled.

Mary said she was criticised for dating a man fit to be his child, but she ignored critics and focused on her new lover. The two dated for four years, and their relationship seemed perfect.

“He made me fall in love again. He would do the house chores i.e, cook for me, clean the house and alway gav eme a deep tisue massage every evening. Within the four years, I gained his trust and even gave him my bank account PIN. I would send him to withdraw cash and purchase construction materials for me and he never stole even a cent,” Mary remembered.

She continued: “I even bought a piece of land in Kasarani and build for him a house, where we would spend our last years on earth.”

Shock of her lifetime Mary said one day, she returned home from a funeral in Maragua, and it was raining heavily. She entered the house but no one was in the sitting room, yet the TV was on and so loud.

“I went to the kitchen and Odhis wasn’t there. So I thought he was cooking mandazis I had asked him to prepare becaue I had told him I would arrive the following morning with a few relatives,” she narrated.

Caught Red-Handed

But her youthful lover wasn’t there. The mother of one assumed that he had gone to the shop and her daughter had visited her friends.

“I decided to go to my bedroom, which is upstairs to change but while walking up the staircase, I was welcomed with unusual sounds. Someone was moaning so loudly and the more stairs I climbed, the louder it became.

“For a second, I thought Odhis was watching adult movies as we were used to when inside the bedroom,” she narrated.

It never crossed her mind that her lover would be having intercourse with someone else.

“When I reached at the door, it was open and the lights were on. Odhis and my daughter were having fun in my bed together. I was shocked but then again, I had to be strong. I waited for 30 minutes then walked in,” she recalled. Despite seeing Mary, the two continued with what they were doing and weren’t moved by the fact that they had been caught red-handed.

“I slapped my daughter so hard and she slapped me back. I was shocked how such on earth can happen. The two took their clothes, rushed downstairs, leaving me standing still,” she narrated. Mary said she followed the two downstairs to confront them but they had already left.

For a year now, Mary has never communicated with her daughter and her lover.

Mary said she regrets falling in love with a man younger than her, advising women to be careful with who they welcome into their homes. “I promised my hubby on his deathbed that I’d never love someone else but because I was heartbroken, I thought it was okay to move on so as to forget his loss but I later realized I made a mistake,” she said.

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