Cardi B Messed Up Ghana Visit & Why People Are Talking About?

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After a successful 48 hours Lagos visit and festival, Cardi B arrived in Accra, Ghana in the early hours of Sunday, December 8th morning. She was immediately irritated when her team had issues getting into the airport, ranting on social media, she asked them to get her out of there.

After a few hours, they were let into the country and was greeted by a horde of people in the city’s airport. But it seems like things kind of went south from there, Cardi B was no show at the private meet and greet with Ghana celebrities and they believe it was intentional. According to Africa Fact Zone, Cardi B was paid 1M Dollars to perform in Nigerian and 800K to perform in Ghana, could this be one of the reasons why she didn’t turn up 100%?

Press Play

When the Grammy award-winning American rapper finally entered her amazing 5-star hotel room after a little delay in Ghana airport. She treated fans to a tour of the large hotel room through her Instagram story and excitedly she talked about throwing a party in her hotel room.

This could have been the perfect place to invite all the Ghanaian slay queens, who came to meet her, based on the fact that they’ve seen the massive hotel room on her Insta-story. Maybe this could have saved a lot of bad publicity.

Cardi B had a great time in Nigeria and had no sleep for 24 hours. The girl has so much energy as we can see but let’s not forget, we’re only mortals and can only party, and go on without sleep for so long.

If you ask me 24 hours is my limit!


The drama all kicked off when the rapper did not show up for the meet and greet with Ghanaian celebrities which were organised before the festival. Ghanian Celebs such as Hajia4Real, Afia Schwarzenegger, and Wendy Shay took to social media to express their disappointment and believe they were being snubbed intentionally.

According to them, Cardi B snubbed them after cooling off by the poolside at the Hotel where they were supposed to meet up. She went back upstairs to her room and left them hanging for hours.

While having her makeup done for the anticipated show later that night, and a quick browse on social media and Cardi found out that Ghanian Celebrities are very upset with her. She quickly made a video to apologise, saying she was not aware of the meet and greet. According to the rapper, she asked her booking agent, if she had events before the concert and he said no, and the meet and greet wasn’t even in her contract. So after a succession of photoshoots by the poolside where she famously eat this Ghanian kabab, she decided to run back to her room after feeling funny and this was when she had explosive diarrhoea and decided to take a nap afterwards. Waking up, hours later, she learnt that the celebs have been waiting for her.

The drama escalated, within hours, and Cardi B went back online explaining there were no hard feelings. Changing her story, she said she had been suffering from Tommy ache for over a week and had to go urgently to the toilet, and that was another reason she failed to meet the celebs. Cardi B went as far as sharing a video of herself locked in a toilet to debunk further rumours her not being professional.

She finally made it to the meet and Greet around 4 pm and met the remaining Celebs who didn’t give up. She immediately connected with a Ghanian celebrity who goes by the name Akuapem Poloo, they had a fantastic time together, dancing, twerking and Cardi B, took to the Ghanaian actress.

The self-acclaimed queen of the Bronx later performed at the Accra Sports Stadium in the capital city. Dressed in red, gold and green, the colours of the Ghanaian flag, the American rapper and her dancers kept the crowd singing along to her songs till the end of her performance before jetting off home to America.

Back in US hours later, Cardi B has shared a photo of Akuapem Poloo on her Instagram handle of over 55.6 M followers with a link to her page, to show her some love. The Ghanian actress who claims to be a fan is currently balling after she began to trend on social media. Excitedly, she made this emotional post.

Cardi B spent less than 24 hours in Ghana and said despite all the drama, she had a good time.

“I was in Ghana for less than 24 hours. Went through a little dilemma, but I still had fun,” she wrote on social media.

Nigerians are also laughing at Ghanaians over the whole drama. Cardi B spent a good solid 48 hours in Nigeria, went for media rounds, made a massive donation to charity and clubbed with Nigerian celebrities in a classy manner.

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