“Changing His Surname Will Be Up To Him When Of Age” Linda Ikeji Addresses Netizens Criticizing Her For Giving Son Her Surname

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Nigerian media mogul and blogger Linda Ikeji has issued a clarification over her son’s change of name.

On Tuesday, Linda was heavily dragged for giving her son, Jayce, her surname. The mother-of-one had shared an image of her six-year-old son and that of his cousin, Ryan, who is almost the same age as him, on vacation.

The blogger intended for a sweet post and caption about the kids’ vacation, but fans swiftly turned things around after they noticed in her caption that she referred to her son by his last name.

“Jayce Ikeji and Ryan Kanu take Disney/Marvel Paris. Cousins, best friends, and literally growing up together as brothers. Their love for each other is incredible, and when they can help it, are inseparable! Ryan is literally the best little human ever! They’ve been on a few vacations together in the past, but this is the first one they will remember as they are nearly 6 and 7 now.”

Speaking out via her Instagram story, Linda said she changed her son’s surname as he has always been an Ikeji from birth.

She questioned whether she had the  time or patience to change names, as she made it known that the decision to retain his surname when he is older lies in his hands.

She wrote: “Just to be clear.

I’ve NEVER ever had to change my son’s surname. He’s been an Ikeji right from when he was born! Where do I have the time or patience to be changing name? Changing Or keeping his surname (Ikeji) will be up to him when of age.

Food for my junior colleagues”

Refreshing your memory, Linda Ikeji birthed her son in 2018 out of wedlock at the age of 37 and announced his name to the public as Jayce Jeremi.

She had welcomed her son with billionaire businessman Sholaye Jeremi, whom she dated on and off for three years. The two finally called things quit in 2017 after their relationship deteriorated.

In 2021, Linda took down his surname from her son’s Instagram bio and fully changed his surname from Jeremi to Ikeji before his 3rd birthday.

Sholaye has been rumored to have not accepted her pregnancy and had never considered being in the boy’s life since his birth, leaving many to conclude he is a deadbeat father.

In 2022, it was rumored that Linda was expecting another child, which left many netizens mocking her. Unfortunately, the rumors were untrue.

Last year, former actress Caroline Hutchins blamed Linda Ikeji for partially wrecking her marriage with her malicious blog posts.

In a face-off with Linda’s younger sister, Laura, during the Real Housewives of Lagos reality show, Caroline spilled on how Linda Ikeji had a role in her divorce and alleged that Linda had dated her ex-husband and believed Caroline snatched him from her.

Setting the record straight, Linda Ikeji pointed out how Caroline always blames people for the demise of her marriage.

She noted how Caroline admitted on Instagram that she blamed herself for the end of her marriage and made it known that she bears no grudge against Caroline as she doesn’t know her.

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