Paul Okoye Of Psquare Shares His Take On Ladies Who Ask Men For Money

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Nigerian music star Paul Okoye, otherwise known as Rude Boy, has reacted to the report of missing Nigerian and Ghanaian girls.

It was reported that Celine and her Ghanaian friend, Afiba, were declared missing after they traveled from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to Abia State on April 27, 2024, to see one Andrew Ochekwo after meeting him on Facebook.

Andrew was, however, shot dead while trying to evade arrest last week. A decomposing body was found near Andrew’s house on Monday, but it is yet to be ascertained if it is that of the missing ladies.

In a post on his Instagram page, activist Harrison Gwamnishu posted videos of other ladies in a restaurant with Andrew at different times. The ladies could be seen speaking nicely with Andrew while he made videos of them.

One of the ladies, who gave her name as Mercy, traveled from Lagos to see Andrew in Aba, while the other lady gave her name as Tochi.

He made videos detailing what they had eaten in the restaurants, where the ladies were from, and where they would be heading after eating.

Harrison also shared a direct message he received from one of Andrew’s victims, recounting how she was raped in the anus.

Reacting to it, Paul, via his Instagram story, stated that as long as parents continue to allow some people to influence their daughters, money will always be their priority.

Admonishing ladies to know their worth, he noted how their major focus is on always billing men and searching for partners who have large bank accounts.

He added that more ladies will continue to fall victim.

“As long as you continue to allow some of these id!ots to influence your daughters.

Money, money, bill him, bill him, know your worth, know your worth.

He must have this and that in his account, blah blah blah!!

More girls will continue to fall victims”.

A week ago, actress Bukunmi Oluwasina offered prayers to God over the children that would be raised in this generation.

She slammed people like Saida Boj over the statements they make, noting how many wouldn’t be able to repeat the things they say in the next 10 years and wouldn’t feel confident and happy about it.

Weeks ago, Paul revealed the major problem of this generation, which is self-entitlement. Sending a message to certain people, he stated that they weren’t ready, as he noted how hunger would kill them.

In another post, he noted how competition is fast ruining many Nigerians as the rich now discuss and argue about the problem.

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