Cross of BBNaija Has Bitten The Fingers That Fed Him, & Will Probably Leave The House Next Week!

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Every now and then, people speak about loyalty and its importance. To some, it’s not meant to be taken seriously in their affairs with you, while others consider it an integral part of what you must possess before they relate with you.

But, if people must go out of their way to do things for you, it’s been noted, that they pay attention to your inclination towards loyalty. A loyal person is seen to be in a better position of receiving favour, than someone who is lagging in loyalty. And when one shows appreciation after receiving certain deeds of goodwill, that gratitude is meant to breed more tidings of good things.

Not quite long ago in the Nigerian Reality TV Show “Big Brother Naija,” a housemate by the name of Cross, was saved from eviction by a combination of his fans and those of another BBNaija contender called Whitemoney. It was well-acknowledged that the duo of a certain two named “Pere” and “Maria,” had conspired to ensure Whitemoney was evicted from the house. Their single motive being that he was seen as a strong competitor, apart from being the only housemate to have observed that they were the “wild cards” in the game.

It is said that if wild cards, who are also seen as fake housemates, are collectively exposed by other housemates, then they would no longer be part of the game. He was the only housemate who suspected them, and even though he didn’t expose them, they tried making the competition tougher for him.

So, when it happened that Cross and some other housemates were up for eviction with these wild cards, fans of Whitemoney decided to vote for him, in order to ensure that Pere and Maria had lesser votes, since their own contender wasn’t up for eviction. They also voted for another housemate named Queen, and their plans worked out. 

Maria was evicted, and if not that a certain number of housemates were programmed to leave that day, Pere would have also left the same day if they had added another person to the tally of contenders leaving the house.

On the Monday nomination show, Cross nominated Whitemoney for eviction, because he obviously saw him as a strong competition. I guess he was never aware of what happened outside the house when he was up for eviction – that he was biting the fingers that fed him.

At the end of all the nominations, it happened that the person he nominated, fell into the category of the “least-nominated,” and this saves him from being put up for eviction.  Cross was finally put up for eviction after another housemate who was already up for eviction, won the veto power at the “head of house” game. Nini replaced herself with Cross, and it sent shivers down his spine.

Now, he will no longer get votes by fans of the man he had wanted out of the house, and there is a possibility that they will vote for another housemate, in order to reduce the chance of cross being saved.

It is a game, but the followers of Whitemoney see it as a display of ingratitude, and Cross could likely pay for his sins, except the social media handler of his fan base is able to apologize on his behalf.

Loyalty should not be joked with.

Written by: Edward Amah

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