Daddy Freeze On Marriage: “Don’t Let It Define You; If It Ends You End’

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Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze is back with some sage advice for folks on social media – and this time it’s about marriage.

OAP Daddy Freeze is advising people against using marriage as the yardstick to measure their essence.

The On-Air personality dropped the interesting advice via her Instagram page on Monday, September 14, 2020.

Daddy Freeze

in the post, Freeze recounted how an uncle predicted few years ago that his career would end if he ever got divorced, only for the reverse to become the case.

On that note, he warned of the perils that could befall those who define themselves by their marriage or marital status.

Freeze who happens to be a divorcée was adamant that those who base their entire value on their marriage are liable to battle existential problems when the marriage crashes.

He said: “An uncle called me up in 2014 and told me that my career would end if I got divorced… My career did not end with the divorce. instead, my purpose was revealed and leadership was thrust upon me.

“Don’t let marriage define you. If you do and the marriage ends, you end.”

Instead, the radio host wants people to be defined by their purpose in life. Expanding on this concept via the caption of his post, he listed some famous people who are either unmarried or divorced yet have fulfilled purpose.

He added: “Albert Einstein was divorced, Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth is divorced as well. Did that stop them from fulfilling their purpose?”

Freeze is advising people against using marriage as the yardstick to measure their essence.

Born on May 6, 1976, Daddy Freeze is a Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster and radio talk show host.

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