Daniel Regha, Berates Asake, & Omah Lay For Disrespecting Christianity In Their Recent Music

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Popular media personality Daniel Regha has taken to social media to express his strong disapproval of Nigerian artists Asake and Omah Lay, accusing them of disrespecting Christianity in their respective new music videos.

Daniel Regha particularly targeted Asake’s new video for the song “Only Me” and Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost” track.

Known as a voice on Twitter, Daniel Regha slammed Asake for what he perceived as blatant disrespect towards Christianity in the “Only Me” music video.

He pointed out scenes featuring Asake wearing an outfit, engaging in Holy Communion, and displaying an inverted cross, which is often considered a symbol opposing Christianity.

Daniel Regha argued that the song itself did not have any religious theme or acknowledgement of the Roman Catholic Church, making the inclusion of such provocative imagery unnecessary and offensive to the Christian faith.

He emphasized that the use of religious symbols and gestures in the video, directed by TG Omori, amounted to intentional insensitivity rather than creative expression.

The Twitter personality didn’t stop at Asake, extending his criticism to Omah Lay for his “Holy Ghost” track, stating that it was also disrespectful to Christianity.

Daniel Regha claimed that Omah Lay’s song and Asake’s video were insulting, and any Christian who enjoyed the content was, in his view, mocking God.

Furthermore, Daniel Regha lashed out at TG Omori, the music producer responsible for directing the controversial videos.

He accused TG Omori of consistently using his video productions to promote sacrilege.

“Asake’s “Only Me” music video is blasphemous;

The song was neither a religious song, nor does it have any line or theme that acknowledges the Roman Catholic Church, but TG Omori decided to !nsult Christianity by macking the Christian religion. Asides the Holy communion scenes,

Asake was seen doing the inverted cross which is a symbol often used to declare an opposition to Christianity & mocking the sacrifice of Christ.

That’s not creativity, it’s insensitiv!ty at it’s peak, & was very intentional.

TG Omori continuously uses his video productions to promote sacr!lege thinking it’s art;

Asake’s new music video is !nsulting, but this isn’t the first time. In the “Bandana” music video by Fireboy ft Asake, he made mackery of the

“Pentecost” (in the church scene). It costs nothing to respect people’s religion.

Any Christian who has seen/watched Asake’s

“Only Me”, but decides to vibe to the song is also mocking God. Same goes for Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost” track.”


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