Is Veekee James The Most Disliked Career Woman In Nigeria?

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    The social media space was thrown into commotion after an old video of award-winning fashion designer Veekee James surfaced online. In the video, the calm and calculated fashion designer was seen jumping around and twerking energetically to a Trenches song in a way that surprised many. “Is this not the self-acclaimed Daughter of Zion? Many asked while bashing the Akwa-Ibom beauty on social media. Responding, Veekee shared pictures of her honeymoon on the beach with her husband and reiterated that she is “Forever…Unashamedly a Jesus baby.”

    Only a few days before the old video went viral, the fashion designer tried to break the internet during her star-studded wedding to Femi Atere. In several clips, the Ajegunle-raised fashion connoisseur moved many people to jealousy with her wedding. It only got worse as more videos of her spraying money like no man’s business and bragging about the cost of her designer outfits hit the internet. Besides the pricey Valentino Garavani, Jimmy Choo, Mach and Mach, Amina Muadi, Versace accessories, Veekee, in a chat with media personality, Timi Agbaje disclosed that her classy white wedding dress cost a whopping 44.3 million Naira. But rather than clap for the 28-year-old designer whose wedding reportedly cost about 300 million Naira, many joined forces to say she talks too much.

    Watch a video version of the video here – press play

    The jealousy eventually began to change to utter disdain after several clips of Veekee’s actions during the wedding further hit the internet, In what has been described as an ungodly desire to be the centre of attention. And this was when someone on the internet tried to punish the designer, setting her up for drags by sharing her old video. We don’t need to tell you how netizens reacted.

    What are the actions that made Veekee James the most disliked career woman in Nigeria? Was Veekee James’ actions worth the cyberbullying? 

    The name Veekee James may not be a household name in Nigeria. The fashion designer may not yet be in the league of Toyin Lawani, CEO Luminee, and Tolu Bally. But for celebrities who have worn outfits designed by her on the red carpet, the Akwa-Ibom beauty is one of a kind.

    At the age of 22, the award-winning fashion designer raised in the Ghetto side of Lagos dreamt big. So big that Veekee kick-started a luxury fashion brand that would become one of the fastest growing in Africa today. Now 28, still young, getting it and growing richer by the day, all Nigerians ever wished her was more success, visibility, awards, and international recognition.

    But all these positive feelings towards Veekee began to change drastically on November 6, 2023, after the fashion connoisseur showed up like this for one of her employees’ weddings. In a viral video, Veekee turned up in a flamboyant, stunning white traditional attire. Not only was the dress a show-stopper best suited for a bride, but it was also floor-length with a plunging neckline, adorned with intricate beadwork that captivated onlookers at the wedding. As the fashion designer stepped out of her car, she was welcomed with the cheers and adulation of the aso-ebi girls, all clad in purple. As if that was not enough, Veekee further danced into the hall with the ladies, drawing everyone’s attention.

    As soon as the clip hit the internet, It immediately sparked heavy backlash from netizens for seemingly trying to outshine her employee on her wedding day. The backlash was even worse from people who initially thought she was the bride rather than a guest. They called her a lowlife who had to upstage one of the most important days of a woman’s just because she was her boss.

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    Since this incident, many have vowed to bring down the award-winning fashion designer whenever needed. And as you must have guessed, the Awka-Ibom beauty has only made it easier for them. All thanks to her insatiable appetite for attention, which she would overdo on her wedding day.

    According to Veekee James, during an October 2023 interview with The Album with Riyah on YouTube, she said trolls first started coming for her after she publicly announced she was the daughter of Zion.

    Apart from her prices causing controversy on social media, in a never-seen fashion, Nigerians watched like hawks as Veekee James tried to break the internet on her 4-day wedding, which hit the crescendo on February 10, 2024. At some point, delectable RnB singer Chike was so irritated that he urged the fashion entrepreneur to rest after she joined the choir for a singing battle at her wedding. Unfortunately, the 28-year-old didn’t take the advice, causing her to fall even deeper on the chopping board of social media trolls. 

    When it was time for her to throw her bouquet into the crowd, the celebrity tailor singled out one of her employees, Chioma, and brought her to the centre stage to present a white rose. In between, Veekee paused to address the hardworking employee before praying that Chioma found a good man.

    According to the 28-year-old designer, Chioma is her most loyal staff despite being older than her. And since, on her big day, Chioma is still unmarried, Veekee felt she is more deserving of the prayer to find a good man and marriage.

    In her words, Veekee said, “From the depth of my heart, love will satisfy you. I like celebrating people; Chioma has worked for me since I got to this Island. Chioma has been nothing more than a sister to me; if I work for 24 hours, Chioma will work for 28 hours. If I work three days with no sleep, Chioma will work for five days without sleeping”.

    “She won’t give me attitude, she won’t even ask for more money…. Chioma is more than a sister to me, and I am so grateful. You will find a man that will honour you, that will respect you. I feel like you are older than me, but you respect me”.

    As soon as the video landed on social media, it triggered massive reactions as social media users slammed Veekee James for calling her staff out in such a manner. Netizens claimed it was embarrassing to do that to another woman in public, more so while trying to make herself look like a kind person.

    Reacting, one user wrote, “Chioma will now go to one corner and be crying for being age-shamed… Overdo sometimes dey bring overtalk…”

    One added, “From a good place but wrong choice of words, I pray Chioma establishes her own business and marries right amen”.

    One wrote, “It’s the audacity to think that your prayer will work because you’re married, but the woman in question who has been praying for herself has somehow failed? This is cringe”.

    Just when we thought we had seen and heard it all, a major scandal about Veekee James’ marriage hit the internet after her wedding. A WhatsApp conversation between Veekee James’ former bestie, Miz Wanneka and another colleague mistakenly got leaked by Wanneka when she was showing off a particular perfume given to her by one of her vendors.

    In the chat, Wanneka hinted about the promiscuous lifestyle of Veekee James’ husband, Femi Atere and their over-the-board wedding party. According to close sources, Femi was Wanneka’s account manager and business consultant before he started dating Veekee James. Wanneka was also Veekee James’ closest friend until Femi started dating Veekee, leading to the separation between the three friends.

    Regardless of what went wrong, Miz Wanneka said she held no grudges against them and truly wished them the very best, convincing many people that Veekee James might actually be the problem. Just like that, Veekee James received even more backlash from Nigerians.

    But the self-styled daughter of Zion hoped that Nigerians would move on, as she explained after the Super Eagles failed to clinch the AFCON 2023 title. “Finally, Nigerians have something else to talk about other than my wedding. Better luck next time, Super Eagles,” she wrote. Of course, she received more backlash; 99% of comments said her writeup was insensitive. She fired back, “Some Humans! My writeup is insensitive? Y’all know the meaning of Insensitive? When you came for me simply for being happy, you didn’t think it was insensitive. May God help you all.”

    Veekee James deleted the posts moments later to protect her mental health. Days later, videos of her dancing and twerking began to fly all over the internet, and as you can imagine, Veekee James got trolled and shamed once again.

    “If Veekee James face didn’t show clearly on this video, I would have sworn by all my ancestors graves that she isn’t the one. This is another reminder for men who go to church to choose wife. It’s the ladies you are avoiding by the roadside that still change clothes and go to church,” Popular X commentator Dr Penking reacted.

    “So Veekee James na Street Wey retire to Church as Choir Chaiiiiiii Simps Will never learn!!!! Her past Matters !!! Another X user reacted.

    It looks like this is not ending anytime soon, and Veekee James knows it. She even said she was ready for them all. 

    What do you think about Veekee James’ story, her talent and her lifestyle? 

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