Davido Effortlessly Wins The Heart Of Africans & Crowned King Of Afrobeats

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If you have ever doubted who the Greatest of All Time is in the Nigerian Music Industry, well, it looks like multi-award winning singer, Davido has cleared all doubt just in time to celebrate his 29th birthday as King David. For many people, their 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s are when they celebrate their special birthday.

But for the Jowo Crooner, his 29th was his special day as he used this birthday anniversary to engrave his name in Gold starting with breaking the internet on November 18 after he dared his friends to prove their love for him by sending him 1 million Naira each to clear a Rolls Royce at the port. In a never seen fashion, the singer raised 201 million Naira in less than 48 hours. But rather than spend the money on himself, he made a u-turn and donated the money in addition to 50 million Naira from his pocket to orphanages in Nigeria. Apart from engraving his name in Gold, he has managed to make his popular saying, “We rise by lifting others”, the gold standard when it comes to philanthropy. Something no other singer has been able to do in Nigeria.

Simultaneously, Davido proved that he is the greatest influencer ever liveth in Nigeria. He raised funds online and got the bank officials to fly over to meet with him in Dubai, further affirming why he has the highest number of followers on Instagram in Nigeria. As if all this wasn’t enough, the Fem Crooner released his first official single of the year 2021, Champion, opening Nigerians to the new wave of South Africa’s Amapiano Sound and starting a whole new nationwide trend like he never took a break from the music scene. Will all this and more, many celebrated Davido at 29, called him Micheal Jackson of Africa and crowned him ‘Man of the Year’ Has Davido really earned all this glory? #Davido #KingDavido #DavidoAdeleke

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