The Heartbreaking Story & Tragic Passing Of Iconic Yoruba Actor Baba Suwe

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From the 1990’s down into the 2000s, popular Yoruba comic actor Babatunde Omidina, better known as Baba Suwe, was the reason for the laughter in many Nigerian homes. Famously known for acting as a butler or security guard, Baba Suwe, without even saying a word effortlessly made many laugh with his appearance, usually a poor combination of clothes and a very black face.

It would be unfair not to mention that Baba Suwe soon became a movement among homes, made many fall in love with Yoruba Home Videos, and his name soon became an inside joke among the Yorubas. You know, when someone calls you Baba Suwe, you will be forced to check your appearance after bursting into laughter. Unfortunately, after years of bringing comic relief and entertainment to his fans, the actor has reportedly gone back to his creator untimely at the age of 63. According to his son, Adesola Omidina, who broke the news on her Instagram page on Monday, November 22 of 2021, the actor died of complications arising from a long battle with chronic diabetes. As fans, colleagues, and politicians send in their condolences.

His death has now been dubbed one of the saddest in the Yoruba Film industry. This is coming after another of his son was captured in a video, crying profusely beside his father’s lifeless body, and accusing his colleagues of abandoning him. What a tragic death! Without a doubt, Baba Suwe’s death is indeed tragic, and his journey to the great beyond started as far back as 2011 after he was accused of trafficking drugs, causing his career to nosedive, his health to deteriorate, which in turn made him begin wallowing in abject poverty. At some point, he was bedridden, but thanks to benevolent Nigerians, he was able to seek treatment outside Nigeria. But it looks like he couldn’t maintain his health in poverty, leading to his eventual death. #BabaSuwe #WhoisBabaSuwe #BabaSuweBurial

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