Davido’s Fiancee Chioma Addresses Domestic Violence Rumours

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    Over the past few days, news about Davido and Chioma’s collapsing relationship has been circulation online. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worst, allegations about violence in the relationship also began circulating also.

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    Chioma has finally addressed the allegations about her relationship with singer Davido. Taking to her Instagram page of over 2M followers, she talked about how people like to spread all sorts of rumours and stories for entertainment. She said she had known from day one what to expect with her relationship with Davido, revealing that she had never ever responded or reacted to any rumours due to her calm nature, but she is quite disturbed about stories of domestic violence and abuse because it’s NO JOKE and something to ever take lightly. She said there has never been an incident of abuse in her home and Davido has never in his life lifted a finger to touch her and vice versa. She also said they as a couple don’t take such alligations lightly and if it carries on, then she and Davido will take up action against the perpetrators of the disgusting rumours.

    We just can’t wait to hear Davido’s side of the story.

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