The Power of African Parents: Bobrisky Switching Back To A Man To Attend Father’s Birthday

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Nigerian Male Barbie, Bobrisky ditched his signature feminine look - no expensive lace wigs, no heavy makeup or flashy cleavages - when he went to surprise his father on his birthday. The Nigerian male barbie real face was in full exposure, he was spotted rocking a face cap with little to no makeup to take photos at his home town.

Press Play

It looks like he tried so hard not to take too many photos, but the few he took found it’s a way on social media and left most people in shock. Today June 16th happened to be money man Mompha’s Birthday. And his BFF Bobrisky dropped Happy Birthday darling on his Instagram page. Come and read insults thrown at him. But we know Bobrisky doesn’t care what people think of him and will do whatever he wants right?

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