Did late Sylvester’s Father Contribute To His Son’s Death In A Way?

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    Did late Sylvester’s father contribute to his son’s death in a way?

    I sincerely grief with the parents of the late boy, but I do not want to dismiss people who ask this question, as recent reports reveal more on the events that led to the death of little Sylvester. Sentiments aside, I believe it would have been possible to save him from death had his father acted otherwise.

    Having listened to the interviews and seen the videos, one wouldn’t be wrong to ask “why warri?”

    Negligence on the part of the parents regarding his constant fears is one thing, and not taking him to the hospital on time is another. A child became a zombie and you didn’t bother to know why? A child wanted a change of school and you didn’t further your investigations? That’s poor parenting.

    As if that was not enough, he drove him all the way from Warri to Lagos. 


    No seat on available flights should not be an excuse – I am more particular about avoiding the hospitals in Lagos. People on social media are worried about this too.

    Being a member of God’s Grace Ministry, there’s also a need to question certain actions from the man. Many believe that Late Sylvester’s father could be obeying the words of his controversial pastor, who is the self-titled “Bishop of the whole world.” Saint Dikeli Daniel Miyerijesu is a man who has turned the bible upside down to favour him. From comments across social media, you’d know he’s a very strange man.

    A man who tells his members how and how not to sleep with their wives. A man who claims to have been to heaven and back. A man who tells his members not to take their children to hospital when they are sick – they are to come to him for laying of hands. If they must go to a doctor, they must use the church’s doctor.

    Late Sylvester’s father would be punished by the church if he takes his son to the hospital, and this could best explain why he left so many hospitals, including UBTH which is closer home and which he must have passed on the road close to warri.

    I believe the parents of the late boy should have done better for their son. I believe they’ll also have regrets deep down.


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    Written by: Edward Amah

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