Why Everyone Needs To Learn How To Ridicule Internet Trolls Like Frank Edoho

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Every now and then, people are subjected to internet bullying of different sorts.  In a world where billions of humans exist, it would be quite unfair to expect everyone to have the same opinion about a particular issue.

Frank Edoho of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” fame, is known across the length and breadth of social media, as a man who doesn’t spare internet trolls. While some admire this aspect of his life, others tend to think he should always ignore defaulters.

Recently, someone tried to degrade his ability to make meaningful posts on Twitter. It’s no longer news that the Media Personality is a lover of sports, and the game that had Chelsea playing Liverpool got him emotional. He gave his opinion by saying this:

“This game is reminiscent of how we used to play last season. I never believed it when people said we play better without Lukaku but I am beginning to see the reason why they think so.

Oh well. Well done to the boys for turning up in spite of the Lakaka shenanigans 


A troll replied in an annoying way with this:

“First time you tweeted something that make some sense.”

As expected, the media icon who is known not to spare prisoners, had to lash him with these words:

“I have always tweeted sense. I think your mental health prescription just started working today. Congratulations.” 

I believe the young man would be careful next time, in his use of words.

About three years ago, a young man by the name of Festus Igbokwe, was subjected to several angles of distress by internet trolls, and he became depressed. We do not know what has become of him now, since he deactivated his account.

What was his crime?

He only stated his choice of partner he would want for a relationship. 

It’s even more unfair when you realize that a greater percentage of ladies these days are in the same line of thought with what he presented. The only difference being that “he cannot say that – he’s a man,” a girl had said before most ladies started attacking him.

Festus had on a Thursday morning, stated this in a post: “If she has nothing doing for a living; has no money; is not tall; if she no fine, and always asking for urgent 2k for transport, we are not dating.”

It was a laughable statement with lots of realities in it, and he made it obvious that he was serious about it. I remember some guys saying he was right, since most young ladies of converted most Nigerian young men into cash cows, making the dating pool look messy.

He was trying to make some ladies understand that men could also make such decisions – that the ladies weren’t the only ones to be sounding alarms on the financial status of the men they want.

Prior to that week, a lady had become famous on Facebook for saying she didn’t come into this world to suffer with a man. You needed to see how ladies trended her by reposting her words – it was like a crusade. In one of the comment sections, a certain young man was telling them to end the trend, since the slogan made his girlfriend abandon him that week.

So, Festus’ post was meant to be a fair balance, which is actually the way the world should be if we’re serious about the endless want for equal gender rights.

But the young man was fried with deep oil, for ladies slammed him with several words of abuse. Ladies trolled him with words like “you’re not a real man.” They never left him, and because he wasn’t as tactful as Frank Edoho, he said “you people are making me depressed.”

Nobody listened until he deactivated from Facebook.  I doubt if the show host will deactivate for trolls. “Popular TV presenter Frank Edoho deactivates his Twitter account because of trolls,” seems like a statement we jokingly call a ‘future impossible tense’. It’s something that seems impossible – likely never going to happen.

I believe everyone should learn how to develop that thick skin like him. I’m not saying people should be churning out nonsense social media posts. I’m strictly stating that a lot of people are easily depressed when bullied online, especially when they know they’re right on a particular issue.

Some humans just come online to bully anyone they can, without having a sense of reasoning. Certain individuals are too classless to understand that arguments are meant to be constructive, and at the end, people are meant to learn from each other, having pursued whatever agenda with relevant points in the argument.  

To prevent people from falling into depression, the Frank Edoho formula is a tested and trusted one, because it has lessened the number of trolls who come.

Written by: Edward Amah

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