“Divorce Is A Failure & Shouldn’t Be Celebrated” Justin Dean Slams Ex-wife Korra Obidi

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Korra Obidi’s ex-husband Justin Dean has silenced her from celebrating her divorce from him, saying there is nothing to be celebrated.

It will be recalled that a couple of days ago, Korra had taken to her social media page, where she rejoyced over her divorce.

Reacting to her celebratory posts, her estranged husband, Justin Dean, condemns her celebration after Korra told her fans to go to a bar and drink on her behalf in celebration. Justin Dean, in a live video, says divorce is a sign of failure.

He added that he would not advise anyone to stay in a toxic relationship, but divorce should not be celebrated.

In his words:

“Marriage is something that should be a do or a die affair. When people get divorce, that’s nothing to celebrate, that’s failure and I hate failure.

So if you are celebrating a divorce, personally I think that it means everyone loses. I am not saying you should stay in a toxic relationship and unhappy marriage”

See video below;

Korra Obidi Celebrates divorce from ex-husband.

Multi-talented dancer Korra Obidi has excitedly announced getting divorced from her estranged husband, Justin Dean.

The social media personality uploaded a video where she expressed joy over the final process of her divorce.

She said: “Cheers to the past being in the past. Cheers to moving on. Cheers to new beginnings. Finalized divorce, I am a free woman. and here’s to actually hopefully moving on for the sake of my children.

“To God be the glory for great things He has done. It’s a Friday, please do me a favor, go to a bar near you and make a shout for me. Thank the Lord for victory.”

Korra Obidi Ex Husband Demanded Spousal Support

About a week ago, Korra Obidi disclosed that her ex-husband Justin Dean wants full custody of their daughter. When he was denied by the court, he demanded she pays him spousal support.

The entertainer and Dean have been in the public eye since he announced their split in March — a few weeks after they welcomed their second child together.

Dean had accused Obidi of infidelity, narcissism, and unaccountability.

Korra Obidi and estranged husband Justin Dean

The chiropractor had also said he was heartbroken and needed to walk away from their marriage to protect his mental health.

Korra, on the other hand, said trouble started when Dean began to complain about the amount of time she spends on social media. Interestingly, today, he is always on social media and showing off their children while earning money from Facebook.


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