“He Needs Not Only Money,” Reactions As Hanks Anuku Pleads For Financial Assistance After His Viral Video At Fuel Station

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Social media users are reacting to the viral video of Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku soliciting help from Nigerians.

Africanglitz reported on Wednesday that it seems like all isn’t well with the actor, as he was spotted looking unwell at a petrol station.

In videos that made the rounds online, Hanks was seen holding a bag as he paced around a petrol station in Asaba, ranting and yelling at the fuel attendants and spectators at the petrol station. He was speaking in his own dialect, Igbo, which made it hard for non-Igbos to understand.

The video, which went viral, left many concerned for him.

On Thursday, Hanks finally admitted in a video posted on his Instagram page that all isn’t well with him.

He called on Nigerians to lend financial support to him as he revealed that he had been unemployed for many years now and was in dire need of help.

He said, “I thank u all fans and my guvnor sheriff. I have tried my best to uphold my status as an entertainer, so it’s good to let u all know what I’m going through. I have a family and would love to get all the help from u all. Dropping my account details nothing is ever too small. 0760704404 H.C.Anuku Access Bank.


Reacting to it, many social media users opined that sending money directly to him would only worsen his situation, as it is believed the actor is a drug addict!

One Geyril Sgee wrote, “Giving him money directly will further destroy him, set up a trustee for him. Let all donations go to the trustee and let the trust be in charge of his rehabilitation. He is an add!ct, add!ct can’t deal with money

One Mi Carida wrote, “Don’t give him, set him up in a sustainable thing that can continue to grow. It’s rehabilitation he needs

One Vee Vogee wrote, “At this point, it’s safe to say that Nollywood needs deliverance

One Paatyaat wrote, “All the money wey he don make before where he keep am?

One Meeday Minaj wrote, “What is wrong with Nollywood? Don’t they make money, don’t people watch their movies? I have never seen life this bad for Hollywood actors and actresses

One Funmilayo wrote, “Say no to drugs

One Eniola Sarah wrote, “He needs not only money, if they can take him to rehabilitation too but amidst this what are the Nollywood people doing about these legends?

One Sweetest Baby Sophie wrote, “I feel like he’s still battling with some type of mental health issues, he doesn’t look alright to me”.

In November, the action thriller actor was in the news over his alleged mental condition after a video of him roaming the streets, looking all tattered, surfaced online.

While some tried verifying the authenticity of the video, others called on the actor’s guild to see to it.

From the comments on social media, many attributed his unstable behavior to drugs. While his younger colleagues, Adanma Luke and Iheme Nancy, confirmed his poor mental condition, Shan George refuted the claims.

Speaking out, Hanks Anuku debunked the reports and refuted all claims, stating that he is perfectly healthy.

According to him, those photos and videos that hit the net were from movie scenes.

In his final message to them, he warned the rumor peddlers to stop ruining his reputation and prayed for the Holy Spirit to forgive them.

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