“I Can Never Serve A God That cannot Stop The Free Falling Of Naira And Cannot Resurrect Mohbad” Daddy Freeze Expresses His Inability To Trust God

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Media personality Daddy Freeze has started again with his weird ideology on Christianity, this time targeting God for not resurrecting Mohbad.

The controversial media personality revealed via his Instagram page several reasons why he can’t serve God.

According to him, he can’t serve a God who couldn’t resurrect Mohbad, who watches tithe-paying children in hunger and penury, and who couldn’t stop the rigging of the election.

He stated that now it has dawned on him to change the narrative of what his parents considered to be ‘god’.

“I can never serve a God that stops the snow but cannot resurrect young people like Mohbad, or his servant like Osinachi. A god who watches his tithe paying children in hunger and penury yet cannot stop the free falling Naira, despite his son’s declaration in 2016. A god whose angels were watching over polling booths, yet rigging went unabated. I think it has NOE come upon us to change the narrative of what our parents consider to be ‘god’”.

“It has been proven statistics that your GO’ God is unprofitable, serve such a god at your own risk”.

His statement has no doubt stirred a massive backlash.

One I Am Jenny Gold wrote, “Leave people with their God and beliefs. I was introduced to God Almighty. Some were introduced to traditions idols etc. What were you introduced to if I may ask?

One Under Cover Activist wrote, “God is not served for what u gonna get. Serve him for he is God

One Toyasola Bint wrote, “That’s why he’s God. He didn’t force us to serve him. He’s just God. We just can’t question Him. My prayer is just simple. Oh Lord, let my family and I see the end of the year and beyond. Gosh!!

One D Unknown wrote, “But why didn’t your own GOD stop all these things that you mentioned

One Budex wrote, “Make I just unfollow this nonsense grown man

One Merci Lioness wrote, “So which God do you worship?

One Face Of Arewa People wrote, “Tbh, your parents failed in raising you Freeze.

One Leigh Mofe wrote, “This is so unnecessary

One Sound Mind Musk wrote, “Tell us with your full chest say you be atheist. Don’t cut through corners”.

Just a few weeks ago, Daddy Freeze slammed religious leaders over their silence on Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner Ilebaye’s promise to pay tithe.

In a video that made the rounds, Ilebaye vowed to give N12 million in tithes to the church from her prize money.

Reacting to it, Freeze noted the hypocrisy in religious leaders, as they were always quick and outspoken in condemning the reality show but have stayed silent to Ilebaye’s promise to pay tithe.

He stated that many of them worship Mammon rather than God.

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